I hope GBX is keeping close eyes on Mutations

This will be key to keeping this game healthy and fun. This is a problem that HOTS(Heroes of the Storm) has run into on many characters as it is a MOBA without items. Instead every level heroes have “talents” to choose from to change/boost certain gameplay styles much like we have here with mutations.

Problem is many characters end up suffering from the “one build to rule them all” as certain talents just blow everything else away or other ones are just so “meh…” that no one would ever run them.

I know there are some mutations on certain characters that are already viewed as bad, so I’m hoping that they will pay close attention and commit to adjusting QUICKLY on tweaking/creating new mutations.

Hots xul vet here and I so agree

Yes. What is desirable is having 2 options that are both enticing, practically effective, and that does not outshine the opposing option. Plus, it needs to be balanced with the rest of the game. They are best when they are decided based on playstyle/preference and neither one is actually all around better.

I find it difficult in this game to have a unique customization with the 10 a or b options in the helix and the 3 gear slots. Not a criticism, just an observation.

There will always be a “stronger” build when we are given choices. If you nerf the stronger one, another “stronger” build takes its place. The only true balance would be to remove the Helix choices or create 2 builds to choose from such as a defensive build or offensive build.

The helix options are mostly decent in my opinion outside a few clearly crazy options (Kleese comes to mind: 200 suicide damage or heal everyone near you per second… gee guess which one is better?) but the problem is the actual mutations you unlock. Some are almost necessary in my opinion (Ambra has some of the best mutation choices and I take several of them) while some are completely worthless compared to options that are already there. For instance, unless I’m missing something, why would I take 20% critical damage as Attikus instead of 20% attack speed?

Or that Helix Level 1 on Phoebe which is super circumstancial : hit a target with Blade Rush ( which has a cooldown ) then proceed to perform a full primary attack combo, and it’s silenced for 3 sec. Too bad it either escaped before that last hit, or had already used all its abilities during the time it took you to setup the silence :wink:

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