I hope Gearbox is happy with what they've done

Because they’ve raised the bar on the DLC skins far too high.

I mean look at these!


@Jythri Can you confirm if there will be similar tier skins for every DLC? I’d love some blue and chrome themed skins to follow the red and gold… :grin:

(edit: credit to lowlines for the pics)


Those Meta Item Icons don’t do many of the skins justice! I highly recommend anyone looking for which characters to run to go check on Reddit or the fantastic Compendium by @epicender584 to see in-game screenshots of all of these! :heart:


I was a little worried about this as well. For “simple retextures” these skins are absolutely amazing for the most part. Just hoping the next set of skins are as badass


This post was more positive than anticipated. I have been concerned on how they’ll top Reyna’s golden skin, or Marquis’. I’m expecting something rogueish for everyone now that we have Jennerized skins.
Aw shucks :blush: (my best Toby impression. I’ve rarely played him. Going through a sniper binge rn now that I’ve finished support, wave clear, and melee, so he should be soon.)
I was shocked when people said these skins weren’t worth the effort to unlock, just look at them!

Admittedly, if they add a cyan w/ black in this quality in a later operation DLC, I may have a new favorite skin for Orendi.

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One of the things that bugged me when I saw it was that it was of someone’s opinion that the skins should have been of the same quality as the other buy able skins. Which would imo have been incredibly time consuming and in the end just not worth it.

These skins are the first skins I have been excited to get since characters master skins. I an even playing other characters I don’t normally play just to get them (Benedict was pretty fun once I got the hang of him)


Man I gotta get to him. I’m just getting around to ranged assassins though, so WF is gonna occupy my time before him. Mostly because of how avid his fans are

I saw you were working on some snipers before? Toby is absolutely Bestial. I thought I would not like playing him but he is sooooooooooooo fun

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Yep, WF was one of two characters I’ve never played and seemed snipery, and with the one trigger pull update I felt obliged but accidentally fell in love. Whoops. (Montana is the other due to hating personality. He’s too nice)

And that only makes me wonder even more - while “simple recolors” can be this good, why did they make previous recolors so uglishly boring and unattractive? There are only a few exceptions that look nice. We have like 100+ skin unlocks wasted into nothing.


I mean there is a certain appeal to certain standard skins. All pink team is fun. You could where the blue red skin cause it’s comically ugly.

Then the faction skins are notably more attractive imo(yet to see a white I didn’t like. Like most of the yellow and purple ones too) which seems fair as they take a bit of grind to get.

And judging by this current crop of skins I have high hopes for the next set. They should look better than either skin set before it imo.


Much, much less than they could have if devs used better looking color combinations. I refuse to understand why easily unlockable visuals have to be bad/lame.

I dunno I like being rewarded for completing certain challenges that are challenging. I see your point though. My biggest issue is that I just don’t really care as the master skin is 99 percent of the time the skin I would default to as it’s the coolest out of the others. For the most part I like the majority of default skins if I don’t have any faction pack skins.

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Except in the case of Mellka’s skins, where I think the artist involved had spent much too time at the bar. It’s like one of those Spot the Difference illustrations.


I would think the new DLC skins are a direct result of feedback they got from the community since launch. Granted there are some that are better than others, its the feedback you guys give that makes this stuff happen!


I don’t get it. It only makes sense if old recolors were meant to be bad, and given their big amount and the absence of alternatives (except paid skins) it looks… not very good.

It’s not like they invented something new to please the audience or put more effort into it. Recoloring is simple, you take the existing texture and change its colors/properties. The difference between a boring recolor and a good one is the colors you choose, and this - colors and their combinations - is something well known to all artists for centuries.

Yeah, there are some, well, questionable skins. Miko’s 85 OPs one, for example, looks to me more like a glitch that made two different skins blend into one - one part of the model uses one skin, another one uses second.

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Yeah but, those were all created during a crunch time for Battleborn and without too much feedback from the community. 10 skins across 25 characters is a lot! Many of the DLC skins where already well into development as far back as the Open Beta too even if they have come out after the initial release.

All I’m saying is, the more feedback people give them, the better future stuff will be! But you can’t hold them at what ifs for stuff that was probably finalized well before the game launched.

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1 skin and 9 recolors. Doesn’t matter what colors you use for a recolor, it will require the same time to make it.

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I think a lot of artists would argue that is far from the reality.


I just played my first pvp match with whiskey since the update and as someone who loved him before, I can not even begin to express what a difference the one trigger pull has made. Whiskey is love. Whiskey is life.