I hope gearbox see's this! Possitivity and the future of borderlands 3

First and for most. I am not making any sort of hate or negative post. If you have something negative to say please do not reply. So I am a Ps4 player base slim model I pre-ordered the digital super deluxe version of Borderlands 3 about 2 weeks before launch. Has thing’s been smooth no of course not. That does not mean that I am not having a good time. I understand somethings take longer to fix and other fixes will cause other issues. Could I be having a better time playing Borderlands 3 if everything was running and operating as intended and great from the start? Yes, we all would agree to this.
That again still don’t take away from my personal satisfaction of playing borderlands 3 and makes me look forward to the future on what the game will be like a year, two, seven from now. Just like in real-life stuff happens and something takes longer to be fixed while another thing in real life goes bad. If you are one of those people who agree with me that our patient and know one day we will all look back and be like you remember this bug or that bug and be like man all those people who lost there mind thinking there favorit toy was broken forever. Yeah, silly times.
What I’m wanting this post to be is a positive place for realistic and constructive idea’s to help borderlands 3. Someplace where no bug talk or this is what’s the wrong talk. No, this needs to be fixed first or whatever or how come it’s taken so long for this fix kind of talk. This is for the positive longevity of borderland’s 3 to give gearbox positive ideas. That is realistic as possible of what we the passionate patient borderlands players would like to see one day.
For instance the bank/ inventory, I would like to see more sorting options: Like have the ability to sort by type & manufacture; rarity and type; element’s; maybe even if possible have the ability to add sorting folder’s in the bank. That way you can fundamentally save gear load out’s for builds. Add dot to the target dummy. Have something added so when farming proving ground’s that we don’t have to run the whole thing every time. Give us something like X amount of save/quits after beating the boss before having to rerun the whole thing. All named enemies need to be respawnable with dedicated loot drop pools. Some sort of competive satistic tracker for proving, circles, and takedown’s. With options to only have it to see where you need to improve or if you want to be statistically competitive with friends.
I really want to see what you the borderlands community will come up with all the while following my simple rules. Thank’s “I also know there has been similar post’s like this but alway’s got polluted with unrealistic ideas or negative ideas or rants. Here’s hoping this stay’s its own thing and gets attention so gearbox see’s”


This game has the widest variety of endgame builds and weapons to choose from when compared to other shooters, and no blogger or streamer could even attempt to say you should play one way without looking stupid.
They can take a year to fix the game just as long as endgame is still full of diversity.

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Also please don’t misinterpret ‘hate’ and ‘negative’.
Negative feedback is: ‘You have sold me an unfinished game that clearly was not properly beta-tested, has extreme cases of Mary Sue in some NPCs and FPS is outright abysmal.’

The difference is - hate can be rightfully dismissed, but negative feedback is not.
Negative feedback is a result of extremely poor QA and is a necessary (albeit painful) tool for improvement.

It is not ‘bitching’, it is not ‘salt’, it is not ‘hate’. It is part of the loop for a better overall product.
The FPS issues were mostly addressed, some glaring gaps in character power comparison also being addressed. All thanks to negative feedback.

The only sad thing is that we’re having to do QA for the game we purchased for full price.


Most people today take criticism as being a “hater”. Even when you point out specific instances to support your claim you will be dismissed as a hater. That being said its hard to not get wrapped up in the frustration you get when you buy a $60 game and have to see it fixed over and over. I can relate to that feeling many times and as much as i wanted to hunt down the people responsible for it, i always try to stay level headed. A lot of people are not happy with the state of this game, me being one of them. I can only hope that gearbox hears what we’re saying and doesnt get stuck in the loop i see so many game developers live in that leaves us with the feeling that its THEIR game and its how THEY want to play it.


I completely agree with both of you “Neur0mancer and radiancehlr”. One of the big glaring differences is that there are tons and tons of other threads and posts and so on out there for the positive-negative criticism. I used positive in the sense that without the negative feedback for most instances the game would have stayed in a state of disbelief. On top of the just straight hate posts all because something was not to there liking. Take Ava for instance. What this post was, is, and will be is a place to construct positive alihbet realistic ideas to improve the longevity of borderlands 3. The idea is not to view the now, but to try to view the future. So theroreticly for now lets say 95% of all known game-breaking issues. There is no doubt that even the most patient and reasonably thought out person will, has, is get frustrated and i use that word kindly on how thing’s transpires in borderlands 3

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Well, I hope the game devs (devs =/= forum moderators) read those forums too and all our turmoil here is not in vain :wink:

I hate to tell you this , but I’m 100% by now nothing say in here ever reaches the devs. Things like expanded bank space and the paltry couple of things we DID get were more due to being asked for by famous Youtubers etc so got more visibility.