I hope Gearbox will make "Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade" option on steam

hi guys, I’m living in Korea(not the north one), sorry for my bad english skills

I saw many videos of battleborn and I experienced the beta, I thought this game is pretty good so I decide to buy battleborn,

after that I preorderd the package from Gamepara(Package shop) [H2 interactive] (official distributor in Korea)

because preordering package gives figures, and I decide to buy Season Pass on online code shop.

but I saw this pages from official Battleborn hompage

there was an difference with Season Pass and Digital Deluxe

Season Pass: $19.99 USD including 5 DLC Packs, each with a Story Operation, hero skins, and taunts

Digital Deluxe Edition: $74.99 USD including Battleborn the game, the Season Pass, plus more digital goodies

I want more than Season Pass one so I decide to buy Digital Deluxe Upgrade

But I knew that there was no “Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade” option both Steam and DirectGames(Onlie Code Shop) [H2 interactive] (official distributor in Korea)

that other games already have :frowning: such as Killing Floor 2 or Overwatch

Is there no Digital Deluxe Upgrade option for package purchasers?

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So far there isn’t any confirmation as to whether or not there is.an upgrade. Hopefully there is, as I want one

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What I did was refund it on steam with the explanation that I wanted to upgrade to digital deluxe. It takes 24 hours tho.

I think that so far the digital deluxe is strictly digital, so we can’t get it with the physical copy. I do hope that the other stuff included in the digital deluxe edition, like the skins and gear packs, will be included with the season pass. Also, I think you only get the figures if you preorder from Gamestop, so I’m not sure how that works with the distributor and everything in Korea.

I refunded and bought Digital Deluxe on shop, thanks

I agree. There should be an upgrade option. Get wit da program.

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Yeah, luckily I got one but I know some guys who definitely would upgrade… gogo gearbox make some monay :smiley: