I hope the Warden and Aggy 9000 get fixed soon

…in addition to the other many areas with low drops. (not to mention all of the other things that need to be fixed soon)

Split-screen, Xbox
50 runs on the Warden yielded:
4 Wagon Wheels
4 Freemen
2 Sickles (1 of them a Boom)
1 Plaguebearer

Often times I seemed to get duplicates of non-dedicated drops, but at lower Mayhem levels (based on damage). It feels like the drop rates are still way off, both in terms of the number of drops and the level of them.

But hey, he’s been a better farming spot for Infinity pistols than the Alpha.


I ran him yesterday too. I got two sickles and one Plague that is a monster. You’re spot on though, something is up with his loot pool. A lot of times legendaries wouldn’t drop, and often, it was only one when they did. I was on Mayhem7. I’m on PS4, and there was sporadic lag too.

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Its not just him. I spent 4 hours yesterday farming Killavolt and Aurelia and it seemed the longer i stayed in a session reloading after a kill the drops got worse for both. Eventually i closed out the game then reloaded, you know with the absurdly long craptrap dance, then drops showed up again. And on top of that only got maybe 5 dedicated drops.


This is the problem I have. I start to get zero legendaries drop and then I’m just done farming because there’s no fix for it (log out, quit game, change character, clear cache - nothing works)


won’t be fixed until the Phase 1 patch that releases the Guradian Takedown. We won’t know until then if anything changes.


I think that’s the truth of it. I joked in another thread, about how they are lowering the drop rates so they don’t have to nerf weapons. But it does feel like drops are much worse.

Cap. Traunt is barely a lot of Tankmans, but hardly any Kaoson now. I’ve encountered Tryone many times, and have found one under-leveled Yellow cake, 1 of his shields, and countless fish grenades.

My first weekend of farming Joey’s mini-bosses yielded many key drops. That was two weeks ago. Last weekend I had half the drops and far less key drops.

RNG is RNG, so I’m starting to track my drops. But I hate that I feel I need to do all of this work, instead of enjoying the game.

Don’t get me started on the amount of time I’ve spent filing and responding to tech support issues. Devs all want videos even though they could easily test much of the player complaints themselves.

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