I hope there's Maliwan weapons that can fire uncharged as well as charged

Being able to charge up a gun for a big blast? Super cool and satisfying!
Being forced to fire with a delay? Please no.


I almost guarantee there will be lots of variation to the weaponry. It was a bit weird that the gameplay reveal only showed charged Maliwan’s but there’s no way they’re all like that.

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Was this on all maliwan guns? I can only recall seeing it done with the maliwan shotgun

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Hard to tell but I think snipers did it too. The ones I saw charged up for a burst of shots rather than one big shot.

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i saw a sniper that charged for a single shot and on crits it looked Crazy strong like actually op,the charging on the shotguns left me less impressed,i dont remember seeing the charge on maliwan smgs or ARs

i also think that you can just shot normally without charging it so that should not be a problem


You had to charge pistols and smgs but once you charged them you could keep firing


You can charge them for guaranteed elemental dot or shoot regular for a percent chance to put a dot on an enemy. At least that is what it seems to me from things ive heard from live events and Gearbox talking about weapon makers. They said the charge shot is 100% dot which makes it seem firing the weapon normally would be whatever the % chance is which is probably lower in BL3 to make people use charged shots when wanting to set enemies on fire or whatever element your usuing.

Yes, that’s what everyone thought based on the maliwan description on borderlands.com , but after dozens of people trying the game, and hours and hours of footage, it appears uncharged shots are not a thing. I would love to be proven wrong, though.

I seriously hope they patch Maliwan weapons in the future, that whole charge-up mechanism just to do a normal shot ruins a previously great manufacturer for me, it should have been no delay for a normal shot and if you did charge up you would get a more powerful one instead.

Keep playing, it depends on the barrel type, if I’m not mistaken. Snipers and pistols both have types that can be fired instantly and charging is optional. Shotguns also have a type which can be fired nearly instantly.

That is slightly promising then, I’ll keep trying the ones I loot and not assume they are vendor trash, but no chance of buying one from the vendor and disappointing for one of my favourite manufacturers.

It is quite weird at the moment, my best elemental weapon might actually be a Torgue. :astonished:

I feel you. I’ve been looking for a maliwan pistol, any pistol, that fires instantly for half of yesterday (I knew they exist because I found one many levels before). The ones which need to charge are definitely inferior, but in pistols’ case it seems rarer, to me at least. And the snipers need charging AND do a forced burst shot? Christ…