I hope they add harder difficultys or raids to keep us going

After reaching the end in normal mode it took me like a day of farming to become a total BADASS (OP).

Since then I farmed a lot, did TVHM (was a joke as Moze) and I also made like 10 bank twinks to store all the loot.

Obviously I still farm for perfect gear, but honestly everything already dies in seconds. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong but Borderlands 2 had more to do. But that is because of UVHM and OP levels and because of the abysmal drop chances. I liked that BL2 you had to farm specific bosses/enemies for loot, now you can just get everything from every enemy.

I like that they made it “easier” to get loot but … that’s the problem it’s too easy to “finsh” the game in less than 2 weeks.

I love to play BL, it’s my fav game of all time. I just hoped to put another 1000+ hours in it. I can’t see that atm.

How do you feel about it?

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You may find interest in this thread.

Just be patient, there are dlc s to come. Do something different until then. Dont rush so much through content, i can go on several months still after completing on normal with just one character. And im a addicted player too.

I feel just as discouraged as i was excited when i first started playing. The gameplay, sounds, everything made me happy. Was like BL2 with great quality of life changes. But with Mayhem mode and Guardian Rank, all the excitement flew out the window. The game is far too easy. I was really worried when i saw how gimmicky they were making each of the gun companies, and the gimmicks continued right on to the “end game”. I was trying to use a Jakobs shotgun i had just found while playing Mayhem 3. Quit and restarted 11 times just trying to have no buffs or debuffs to normal bullets. Didn’t happen. Just shut the game off. Not excited to get back on.

They can buff the enemies, and nerf our damage all they want, but there are too many skills in this game. Surprised the weapon trinkets don’t come with 30% reload speed, 25% shield regen, and whatever else FFYL crap they can come up with. This is barely Borderlands. Hope it doesn’t get any worse…

All the DLC content you speak of level cap increases and OP levels dropped over several years. Patience.

You don’t have to wait for dlcs to get a raid, tbh.

Gearbox is going to add free raids every few months, first of them being “maliwan takedown”

1 big mistake was that you can get all the loot in normal. They should have capped the enemy lvl at 32-36 for normal (mayhem scales up to 50). Why farm loot in tvhm when you can do it normal. Also agree, loot should be boss specific.

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I was thinking Mayhem mode reminded me of the crap i see on live service mobile games. Guess that settles it…

I’m looking forward to the DLCs with the hope that they don’t bring a plethora of raids or higher difficulty content that is practically required for further progress.

At the moment I’m kind of wanting an actual raidboss. Bring on Mushysnugglebites the Invincible.

the game as usual starts in UVHM 50+ so nothing to cry home to mom about for now. just get all characters to 50 and experiment with builds. by the time it is done a dlc will hit as well.

God I hope they don’t do that UVHM and OP level crap again. I like feeling like a badass, not slogging against trash mobs that have millions of health and shields.

Hopefully they find a way to increase the difficulty for you guys without locking loot behind the new difficulty wall.