I imagine our 50 gear at 53 will still wreck

I mean, I imagine so, but hell, unless the LC is hitting 60, my FL4K is still gonna keep rocking his 100% damage ASE Bekah as long as possible! That and, well…gotta hit up my farming partners in crime for mutual trades.

I certainly agree with this. My lvl 50 Lucky 7 with 250% damage anointment will still kick butt!

I imagine the same, but with whatever mayhem 2.0 brings, it may not be able to perform at the new “peak” difficulty.

I still would be happy with no LC increase, instead, just doing quests or stuff that award skillpoints, like the Moxxi DLC did in the first Borderlands. Holy CRAP was it a slog, but in the end, you got 2 more skillpoints, and I had made some, for that game, ride or die team members-cause DAMN did it take a lot to get those two points.

If I understand the math correctly, a level 53 enemy will have only 30% more health than the same enemy at level 50. So it’ll take a few more shots to kill them with the same weapon. Hardly a big deal. The differences between mayhem levels are generally much greater.

My hands still reflexively cramp up when I think of the Underdome, 45 minute long stretches of nothing but holding down the fire button and spraying without a break…


Hey, like the saying goes, “no bleep, there I was…” And 45 minutes? My God I don’t even wanna remember how long it actually took to beat each full run to get the points.

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I hated the Underdome (HATED IT) but I loved Digistruct Peak (LOVED IT AND STILL LOVE IT) and I’m not entirely sure why because they are basically the same thing but the Peak has a bigger map.

I feel the same way.

I think it’s because The Peak is broken up in sections.
Gives you time to take a breath. Also, each Peak section is different so you’re scheming different attack plans.
The Underdome was simply the same thing continuously for hours. While there were minor variants in the waves, they weren’t much different, for me it was just Shoot the same type bad guys with my Hellfire for a very long time.
That also means that the Underdome is not necessarily a skill challenge, it’s an endurance challenge.
The Peak is a skill challenge. And I’m still just (post-Lilith DLC) OP6, and I’m only doing a Peak run once a week or so with most time in BL3, so who knows if I’ll ever get to 7…

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