I ****ing LOVE Iron Bear now


Say what you will about GBX and their monumentally hilarious screwups , but they did a FANTASTIC job buffing IB . Sure the left arm/ right arm Deperate Measures bug is annoying, but besides that man is he addicting to use .

It fires up all your pleasure sensors in your brain to jump in this big giant mech and instantly blow up enemies around you with the explosive miniguns or the rocket pods / grenades . Such a rush.

I really feel we are 90% of the way there with IB. Just need to Iron out the right arm damage formula bugs and hopefully fix that annointed gunner grenade annointment so it keeps working , also the damage bonus on stainless steel bear if intentional .

Anyways that is all. Just wanted to say something positive and give GBX its kudos when due


Wait till they fix guardian rank cooldown perk and you’ll love it even more :smiley:


Cant wait man. So stoked!!

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I’m finding that he still deals less damage than my weapons so don’t really have any reason to use him.

You’re probably not running the right build then or don’t play on M4. Because in M4, IB dishes out insane damage. It can out damage 2 players combined.

I agree ib is definitely in a much better place … Still some things that need to be sorted

I’d like to see some speed up on the cool down … It’s still too long between instances especially in a high damage situation which is problem 2

In high damage situations he is still being torn apart so much that almost instantly shuts down

I’d like to see a new anointment … On entering and exiting IB create a nova that knocks back all enemies …unless there is one and I’ve just not seen it .

Next thing I want to see is more for moze than IB but she needs a speedy perk

Fl4k has rakk attack, Zane has sentinel at cost of grenades , that means you can use two perks to trigger anointments …

Moze with a long wait for the perks means skill anointments are almost useless , and IB damage is still not as good as it could be to compensate for that disadvantage

I guess in the same vein, I dont agree with Vampyr forcing Ib to use only Splash damage to get back health, and I think specialist bear should just be a flat 25% damage boost without having to pick same weapons

Both skills are super important but yet… for you to both stick to splash damage weapons and on top of that , dont mix and match


Since IB get bonus from Moze HP, using shields like Mendel’s Multivitamin and HP bonus relics can boost IB HP up to 90-100k so you can try using non splash dmg weapons.

I’m already 82k and use none of those . Just the IB shield on top of that.

Even with 100k though you will definalty still need health regen from splash damage. I’d be dead within seconds when tanking

He’s much more durable now. With even just one splash damage weapon and Vampyr you can basically face tank anything.

what Build are you running to be good in IB and on foot as Moze? Trying to finally play her like a Mech pilot lol.

Im running short fuse/SoR deathless on her, switching between Bloodletter on foot and Raging bear when using IB and it wrecks on M3.

I think we are at 20% tops, because now its playable but its not like you can build around it in a different way, there is just one way and a few gun attachments you can call viable, and even then, Moze’s own power is higher than the mech, and this is going to be even more notorious when the level cap increase hits and enemies start scaling leaving Iron Bear behind all over again, plus the fact that most of the gun attachments are still underpowered is a design flaw, those need some love and some of the perks from the tree too so we can have diferent types of iron bear gameplay and not just minigun or rockets.

Things like unmodded rockets being more powerfull than modded ones is still a red flag in design.

Even tho my comment seem negative im very happy with the new iron bear, im playing Moze with a smile on my face again, im just worried about the future and gearbox being way too slow doing the necesary changes.


Hmm, will need to test more, if this is true it’d be fantastic

Have you tried blast master mod with IB ? The damage increase since you dont reload is nuts, and since desperate Measures doesnt apply to right arm, the damage increase from blast master mod is even more dramatic on the right arm.

In fact , it’s so strong I had to take it off because frankly most enemies in the slaughter star 3000 were dying waaaaay to quick .

The problem was surviving. I tried it, and yeah the damage was insane, but I found that I was being down most of the time without the beefy shield. Maybe I’m too used to the 1 hp build lol. Might give it another round tho

Mendel’s Multivitamin gives +50% HP, that’s a huge bonus and IMO the cost of running 1hp build out weights the benefit, as you need to go at least half way down the SoR tree, which doesn’t buff IB as much as the two other trees, and what sucks even more is you only get half the bonus from Desperate Measure

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Okay so the mistake I was making was not using rocket pods. They are by far Bear’s most powerful attachment. There are also synergies that I didn’t realise that are not listed:

Iron bears splash damage from the rocket pods is effected by anything that boosts splash damage such as +AOE damage on relics and +splash damage on class mods, as well as the blast master com (as someone above mentioned).

However, without the blast master com the damage from IB is not quite on par with her best weapons, even when using all skills focused on IB damage.

Will have to try out a blast master build.

No I mean put in on before getting into IB , rather than the bear trooper one

The grenade launcher does more with fast reload. Chain gun sustains longer. Rocket pods eat a ton of fuel.