I introduce my Deputy build

I think Beast Class mod is for Deputy build. It gives perfect stats and skill points. (Savage Beast class mod of purple is the best)

(The contents below is added after a few hours.)

And I got to know the skill “Just Got Real” is not like what I expected. So it turns out that my build is not good in terms of attack power.
I tried Altered Beast mod on the recommendation of Chuck. I also tried Legendary Berserker, introduced by Jefe. And Lawful Good Monk.
I attach three test videos.

My provisional evaluation is this.

Out of 5 points.

Altered Beast 2 points.
Legendary Berserker 3 points.
Lawful Good Monk 5 points.


AB 4 points.
LB 3.5 points.
LGM 3 points.


AB 4
LB 5

That’s the sum.

AB 10
LB 11.5
LGM 11

Yes. I guess Legeday Berserker is the winner.(However, I would choose a more powerful offense LGM.) Damn. It is a pity that JGR skill is not good.:weary:


Indeed not a bad choice as you’re leveling up and don’t need the extra punch from a boosted money shot. :blush:
Extra health and health Regen. Not sure the reload speed bonus affects the off-hand though.

I would personally go for a blue Altered one with incite as the second skill rather than a purple one.

Not only is just got real pretty bad, but you really don’t need the bonus it provides anyway.


Nice! I run a similar build, but have used the Legendary Berseker. The Beast is a interesting choice.


Thanks. Your opinion is right. I didn’t know that Just Got Real is bad.:sweat:


I think I should give DeputyChuck the same comment I would write to you, so add the answer to your question in the body of the post.:sweat:
But now I deleted the comment.:slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry. I’m not quite sure what you want me to explain. I just meant I never thought of the Beast COM - but it is a good choice. Faster reload speed is a good thing. Chuck pointed out that it might only affect the right hand and not the left hand - that needs to be checked.

I use the Legendary Berserker for movement speed, cooldown and its boosts to Quick Draw, Incite and Hard to Kill. Hard to Kill at 10/5 gives him very good healing.

I’ll let Chuck answer for himself, but I will say that I agree with his statement that Just Got Real is a waste of points. It really does nothing to help gun damage as your health needs to be very low for it to have any effect.


That’s what Chuck said. I did not know that JGR skill was in such a state. I now understand his words. And your choice, Legendary Berserker mode, always produces solid results.In Deputy builds it is complaining that there is no boost in reload speed, but your explanation is very appropriate. Now that I know the information about the JGR skill, I wonder if my build is better or worse than you.


Honestly they are extremely close - just move those JGR points to Incite or Asbestos.

My build is intentionally weak. It works best at OP4 - yours obviously works at OP8 :+1:


Oh. You think so. In fact, I did not spend much time with the Deputy build. I think I need to do more research and challenge…:face_with_monocle:


Regarding the class mod and reload speed, I found it @DeputyChuck :

So yes - the Beast will give you increased reload speed for both guns.


I first came to know this information. Thanks.:grinning:


Well color me impressed. I never thought I would see the day of Salvador being used in such a way, but I never been much of a Salvador guy.

That being said it may be worth considering using a ROM in the left hand if you can get your hands on one as well as a Deputy’s Badge to tinker around with to see if it is better or worse than what you are using. Hydra is also another option but for the right hand so long as you can get up close and personal with it.


I already have the gears. and I tried as your suggestion. I think it is a bit better than before. The sixth upload of this link is the run.

And the new gears are much better in Hyperion Slaughter. Not like Digistrunt Peak. It’s seventh video, now I am uploading.

I changed my post. and re-linked.


I originally tried to do my own builds, such as using the Beast class mode, but eventually I updated my personal time record (among all the characters) in this Peak with a combination of equipment that many others use. There seems to be a good reason for the choice of the majority.


Hey! Deputies. I made 2nd place TT record in the Magic Slaughter with deputy build. I can say best sal is deputy sal.



I always thought Deputy builds were too slow for TT.

Great work!




Let me show you ‘Altered Beast + Vitality + Evo’ build.

That’s why I chose this class mode at first. Compared to the run in Monk mode in my other upload, you will easily see the advantages and disadvantages of this build.(I did not avoid as much of the enemy’s attack as possible to the extent possible to show the strong character of this build.)

Just Got Real, I learned that skill is not very good, but I think it is not too bad to get the effect of 5 levels in one point.

Compared to Monk, the power of money shots is certainly weak, but the choices of relics are wide. After choosing Vitality Relic to make over 3 million hp, and then organizing the brawn tree well, it’s really a good build.

PS:In fact, the build that chooses Vitality Relic for the Monk build is quite robust. It’s a little bit softer than this build, and it has the disadvantage of slowing down the reloading speed, but it’s enough to overcome it with the power of money shots.


Honestly, your build deserves its own thread.

Let’s get one started so we can have all this footage and your runs with the Beast COM all in one place. (I know you have some stuff in other threads ) I think it’s worth it.


You say so. It’s good.:+1: Yes. It is not a hard work.