I joined a friends competition mode early game and now I one shot everything :(

I thought it would be fun to get powered leveled on a new play through but now everything in the campaign is way too weak for me. Deep regrets. I just made it to Athena and I’m literally one shotting everything including the bosses. Should I speed run this thing or is there a way to make campaign be challenging?

You can turn on Mayhem mode but you’ll need to complete the story first. If you want to make things a bit more challenging, you could stash your gear and only use what drops in-game while focussing on the story only.


Stashing weapons is a great idea! And if I reset my skill points I would be handicapped there too :thinking:

Good suggestion!

Respec and use dated weapons like lvl 10 you’ll be week again

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if it is not ur first play through i would just speed run it…the story is kind of lack luster after the first play through…but the weapon tip is on point. …u could also focus on the lore part of the game like echos an such…

Good points too. Since it’s my second play through I already know what’s going to happen. Perhaps I should try and 100% this run instead.

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Good luck bro I had to do the same

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Yes. Good idea. Respec and use all but 5 skill points and always have 5 not applied as you progress through the story. That and using only current weapon drops and you should be good to go. You’re welcome.