I joined a modders game without knowing they mod

So I was playing a game join someone’s Lobby. Turns out that they had mod where they was getting a lot of experience. It gave me 10,000,000 Exp. Am I going to get banned for this? Also how do I reverse this if I don’t get ban for it?

No. That won’t happen. Reversing it might be a bigger problem, depending on if you have some recent back-ups of that character.

No I don’t I guess I’m Just Stuck with 545 GR But Thank you so much

If you end up spending them. Do so evenly across the trees. You don’t want to be in a situation in the future where you spent everything past the cap in a single tree, and because they added more perks you suddenly need to get 25 or 50 more in the two others. These level ups take really long at that point.

The problem with fixing this is, it’s probably really tough to cheat your way back to how it was previously. Just reducing the guardian rank points might be simple, but getting your level down so you can farm xp normally might be a bit more tricky (or it might not, I’m not sure.) You could also delete your profile safe file (not the character safe file) but there is so much other stuff tied into that, like your vault, customizations, probably the SDUs for the machine and vault. I wouldn’t do that.

Also, not important right now, but I think you missed a 0 there. I think I’d have easily farmed 10 million xp so far, and I’m not even guardian rank 300 yet.