I just do not understand :(

Please, somebody help me out, I am doing my own head in trying to imagine the logic that goes into the following scenario And I just can’t work it out.

Why do people play a healing class and then proceed to do absolutely no intentional healing to their party whatsoever? It’s not a rarity, in fact someone actually healing with a healer seems to be a rarity.

Miko is the worst, they only seem to use their ult when they want to heal themselves, do they not realise that they’re secondary will heal them as well? I don’t think I have played a game that makes healing such a straight forward process, heal me and you also heal yourself at the same time, and you can do it indefinitely, who doesn’t want that?? They just always seem fully focused on dealing damage, which I also do not get, if you want to deal damage then take a damage focused character!

Ambra’s slightly better, you can get some inadvertent heals from her sun spot things if you pay attention and move within range of them.

2 straight attempts on heliophage, first time Miko decided to take the role of scout and we spent the first stage scraping him/her/it off of the floor continuously. 2nd attempt had a Miko and an Ambra and we didn’t make it past the first room.


I’ve seen much more of this from Miko… I have Ambra mastered now so I’m pretty good with the heals, plus her mutation to fuel the sun spots makes it too good to pass up. In Miko’s case there is no excuse to not heal at least sometimes, because it is inherent to the character to beam health directly to someone. In the other (potential) healer cases the team needs to be aware of how they work and make it easier for them to heal you. For instance Kleese’ chair - don’t expect him to follow you around at the front line just to heal. Reyna to me is actually a great healer, I use a cool down build with her and she can make people nearly immortal.

Anyway character knowledge is helpful but got no answer on the clown Miko problem.

This is why I initially choose Ambra. Got tired of never having support.

I actually saw something even weirder. A miko that wasn’t even healing itself. By that I mean, even with 20% life remaining, behind the frontline ina somewhat safe distance of battle, he would run into battle with those 20% life without healing at all. And die shortly afterwards, obviously.
No heal at all, not even to heal himself. What the… I can understand peoples who want to play as a dps with miko, yes, I can still understand that. But if you have the ability to go in the fight being full health rather than low health, which player liking to play dps wouldn’t hit the button to heal? Some people’s behaviour are complete mysteries…

People are stupid, and they need to be told they’re stupid in game. Battleborn is great fun when everyone knows what their objectives are and how to play their characters; unfortunately far too many people treat this as a first-person shooter :rage:

At the beginning of each round, the narrator even tells you what to do and progressively throughout. People ignoring basic instructions just don’t deserve to play any co-operative games.

There is a big difference between being a new player who wants to learn how to play and someone who thinks all the matters is racking up kills. There are a few matches I play where I get no kills but still end up being somewhat of an asset to my team (sometimes).


So I just played a few missions as Miko and I think I am starting to understand.

Firstly, it seems that there is next to no return for healing when it comes to points at the end of the round. And everybody knows points mean prizes. So yeah, why would people put effort into healing if they get no reward for it?

Secondly, the healing mechanic itself for Miko is pretty rubbish.
Trying to heal the correct person when they are bunched together is hit and miss.
The softest targets seem to move at twice the speed as Miko, so you can’t keep up to actually heal them.
Sticking to the tank is pretty dangerous, some enemies seem to explode randomly with no warning, the tank can soak it up, you can’t.
Trying to see what enemies the tank is fighting is next to impossible without exposing yourself to damage, so predicting when an explosive one is in the mix is not easy.
The enemy are terrible shots when they are targeting the tank, they often miss and hit you even when you are cowering behind them.
When your healing target is knocked back, they are sent too far, if there happens to be anything in between you and that target, whether it’s an enemy or ally (or a 2 inch step) you just cannot get to them.
Switching from primary attack to secondary attack is way too clunky, with the speed of the gameplay it’s just not slick enough.
No on screen health bars for allies means you are always doing 360’s trying to keep track of the team and their health. Rath or caldarius will always be on the other side of the planet.
NPC’s and allies look identical on the mini map, this makes the 360 degree search that much more difficult.

I am a little confused to say the least, I did play Miko quite a lot during the beta and I enjoyed that time, but now I am struggling to see the appeal.

I am going to try Ambra and Reyna, see what they are like.

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That’s not exactly true. You get healing assists that are half the points of a kill. In a long game I can sometimes get 30+ assist as Miko.

Which is made even harder by allowing you to target minions.

The first helix choice on the left should assist you with this.

There’s a well known bug that when switching to beam from another skill it doesn’t recognise the input. I’ve been trying to get GBX to fix it.

Yeah we need this.


I’ve just started with miko as well, he’s lvl 7 at the moment. As far as healers not healing I’ve seen this wayyy too often, why play miko then? That’s what made me decide to start filling that role out myself, and I agree the targeting with his beam can be really wonky sometimes. On screen health bars are a must (at least an option to turn on or off) another thing I feel needs addressed as it is somewhat related the ability to change character after you’ve selected yours. I can’t even count how many times missions would have turned out differently if we could change our role. No one picks a healer or there’s no tank etc. We really really need to be able to swap characters, I alwYs pick last or try to atleast to see where the gaps in our squad are and fill that role. But sometimes a player seems like they’re waiting on me to pick so I do then they don’t fill a gap themselves. Please Gearbox let us switch roles.

Yeah I take the First responder in the helix, thing is you need to have biosynthesis up and be healing for it to kick in. I would say Miko’s healing range is pretty short, so it’s quite easy for the beam to cut out when trying to follow an ally, which then slows you down. Also, by time you get in range biosynthesis has worn off and you end up with crappy heals. I suppose there is an option to carry some speed boosting gear.

Fair enough regarding the healing points, Point scoring is a bit of a mystery to me currently. I guess my point is, you should get enough points to justify the decision to support your team, not be penalised for it. The dps guys get to run around, stress free, having all the fun and then they get extra points on top for their efforts.

My intention was to try and understand why people who played healers in pug’s hardly ever seem to heal others. I don’t dislike the character, and would be more than willing to play it in a co-ordinated team, but for pugs, no thanks, I’d rather take Boldur and heal myself.

Can Miko use heal beam while sprinting? I have a gear with sprint speed and heal power that seems like it would be nice.

This should be the subject of my “I just do not understand #2” post.

I cannot think of a single reason why they did this. Okay maybe once the mission has started, but not whilst you are still in the character select screen. Why give us 25 awesome characters to play with and then restrict our use so that we can only play 1 every 30 - 40 mins, or sooner if it’s a wipe.

I honestly can’t think of any reason whatsoever either, this needs to change ASAP.

Agreed, so many times I am sitting in the character selection screen wishing I could change who I had picked.

Try to go back… “No I do not want to exit matchmaking, and start this all over again, and have someone pick who I wanted to pick!!”

Miko can do a good amount of dmg if it is specced that way. I’ve seen games where the Miko had the highest kills on their team.

So the only real issue is knowing if you Miko is planning on playing support or dmg.

True though I always try to heal players with Miko and will generally spec that way.

If anyone is looking for people to play with, I am on Xbox One GT, UnknowingFool

I was overly harsh, it’s a good character, it was just frustrating to be in groups where you think you have a good balance, and then turns out the person you thought might be throwing some heals your way doesn’t and you get pummelled by the horde that you’ve just dived into.

I don’t want to start dictating to people how they play the game, each to their own.

It would be cool if they could add an extra title that tells the team what role you plan on filling.

Minion killer

So I tried Ambra, I think i’m in love.

As well as her awesome attitude and scripting, I am really liking how she plays. She has better survivability than miko which is good for me as I can get a little close to the action at times, and she doesn’t need to sit with her thumb up the tanks ass whilst the ■■■■ is hitting the fan.

Also, the last 2 matches I played I got a decent score, guess I just sucked with Miko.

Expect to always get a ridiculous amount of assists and nearly top kills, despite the fact that you’ll likely be top healer. :smiley: She is great IMO, if she is this good now I can only imagine what she was like pre-nerf. Probably a killing machine.