I just figured out why Boldur (Lore spoiler)

…likes his bear.

Boldur sounds Slavic (I’m not going to pretend I’m capable of actually picking out where it’s supposed to be).

The Slavic people include Russia.

Bears are commonly considered a symbol for Russia.

I always thought his hidden love for his bear was a bit out of nowhere, if charming, at first glance…now I just feel dumb for not getting it sooner.

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Well, I’ve heard that it appears that the Eldrid encompass Asia, with the Russian Thorn, and ninja like Miko, and whatever Boldur is. So it wouldn’t surprise me.

There is actual lore about this. Also hes a Dwarf and Dwarves using bears as cavalry has precedent (but you could say the same thing about russians!)

Oh yeah, I knew about Boldur’s being bear cavalry, which obviously Boldur loved because it meant everyone else was pretty much ■■■■■■, I just thought it was still a bit of a surprise that came out of left field (sure awesome, but why bear?). I figured there must have been something I was missing because, after all, it’s the center-piece lore challenge for him that gets to be voiced.

I’ve not really heard of any serious examples of bear cavalry myself either. Care to share?

Heroes of might and magic is probably my favorite but there are other games or models of dwarves on bear mounts. They either use Bears or Boars or…ugh…goats.

Give mounts to Battleborn and give a bear to Boldur!