I just find a really good weapon :D

Playing Amara here… dunno if I am old or what but killing Graveward is a painful chore and I couldn’t solo Cistern of Slaughter Mayhem 3…

Then I started using the Brainstormer - Phazerker - Electric Banjo - build and then game became (much) easier…
but that doesn’t work quite well against single enemy (damage is multiplied by the number of targets! :open_mouth: ) so it has fast moment and painfully slow moments… (At least for me)

And then… I found this baby! Moar Linage! :open_mouth:
An unsung CoV hero! :open_mouth:

The red text is for additional seeking bullets are spawn on hitting the targets! :open_mouth:

This monster chew enemies like there is no tomorrow! :smiley:
Warning: it also chew the ammo count :sweat_smile:
Thankfully I got a backup plan, the infinite ammo gun! :smiley: (actually I found an infinite blue CoV pistol too)

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