I just got a god roll infiltrator mod. Is it worth anything?

Any builds use this mod?

It’s definitely usable. If you want to step away from the more ezmode Seein Dead’ meta. You could use it for a Seein Red capstone bossing build or works great in a Clone/Dome action skill end setup as well. Since it has splash if you want to make a build for it I might suggest trying out a Faisor in shotgun mode, or of course a rocket launcher build would be fun too. You could also set it up with some of the splash snipers Fire Storm / Storm are splash and the Wedding Invitation ricochets are splash.

It pairs well with a Ward shield since you get more damage bonus from the shield being broken and it stays broken for awhile with the high recharge delay.

that is actually not a god roll if you know the damage formula, it is more of jack of all trades kind of com

What would be considered a god roll? For like jakob fl4k?

Ascd, jakob cd and shotgun dmg?

To me, I consider my Bounty Hunter with + ASCD, + Pistol, + Jakobs CD a GR since my main gun has been a Maggie. I would consider this roll really good bcuz it can apply to alot of different weapon types.

So I guess for just overall gr jakob classmod, since I use scattergun, Maggie, bekah and wedding invitations. I guess would be Ascd jakob cd + weapon cd?

Weapon damage
Weapon Crit damage
Ascd / your fav weapon type damage

if you are asking me jacobs crit shotgun dmg shieldrecharge delay

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Well if you’re using scattergun I believe that would mean you favor + Shotgun damage more. So a GR for that would be + Jakobs CD, + Shotgun, + Weapon damage. If you run mostly Jakobs weaponry then the one you mentioned would be a good roll. Keep in mind that ASCD would mostly apply if you use FA. if you are using rakks you usually get that CD back pretty fast. I generally like mag size bcuz more bullets in the mag is always a plus. (got my LC up to 83 in the clip). With the answers you got here I think you get the concept tho. Good luck!