I just had a 30 min queue (PC)

Seriously where are everyone…btw I’M still in queue…

What are you queing for?
I’d love to see ques that if you que for “any” pvp it’ll just throw you in the highest pool of people, hate the idea of there being 5 people waiting in capture and 5 in meltdown both sitting there waiting.

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My wait times are hardly ever long… I was playing the other day and it was taking for ever(first time for me)… So I was like WTF… And someone started going on about low player base numbers and how it always takes from 20 to 30mins and so on and so on… At this point I realized it had something to do with him and his connection…

I left the match and started searching again, within 2 mins I would into a new game… Weird Weird Weird… Maybe people with strict Nat cause everyone to suffer their long wait times? I do not know but 99% of the time playing meltdown I am into a match within 2 to 5 mins wait…

PS4 - central Europe -

longest time I had to wait was 4 minutes

PVP or PVE doesn’t matter

long wait times make players quit

got other games where you get q’s 2 minutes or less all day and night