I just had a godly experience while matchmaking. Any ideas on what was that?

I just did the three rounds of Mayhem 4 Maliwan takedown with Amara and Zane, and both of my teammates were OP.

When we were surrounded by numberless enemies, with a sudden heavy lag and yellow projectiles, all enemies were gone. All the things were so fast that I have no idea who did that thing with what. Also, Zane guy had an electric gun that shoots several lines of electricity and it was amazingly powerful.

We beat every round really quickly until I gave up because my inventory was full, and I even screen captured them to search their IDs to find out whether they were youtubers or something to follow their build and gears, but they were not.

I’m not a heavy user and I’m writing to get a sense of what they did with what gears. Although I know the description is very vague… any ideas? I also found that some people have a very powerful gun which shoots purple projectiles, and I wonder what it is.

Thanks a lot!

Well… i can say zane was either using a brainstormer shotgun and/or electric banjo artifact, purple projectiles seem like the “amp” roll from lucky 7 pistol; the yellow projectiles could be from the recursion shotgun (the lag probably came from projectile stacking the recursion and brainstormer)

Probably Chain-Zane build. It is pretty awesome!

Funny you say that. Some of my best and ‘easiest’ Takedown runs were on MH4 thru matchmaking because I had some really good teammates. On MH0 and MH1 I would more often get noobs (not that there’s anything wrong with that) who were down frequently and it made it more of a slog.

If you’re on Ps4 my Zane will take you through again. The only weakness of my similar Zane build is when Recursion Amara shows up and one shots every enemy so I have nothing to shoot to keep my skills active.

I use recursion shotgun on Amara… very strong. Can wipe out groups of badass enemies with one shot. It causes the lag you speak of… for me anyway. If this is not allowed here, please remove it. Small clip from a run i did last night on Slaughterstar 3000.

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Several lines of electricity could mean one of four things:
1: The Redistributor SMG
2: The Brainstormer Shotgun
3: The electric banjo artifact
4: A shock Cutsman SMG

You ran with a Chain Zane and a Ricochet Witch Amara probably lol. Both are very good M4 builds. It’s what I run on my Zane and it is loads of fun.

That chain Zane build has been going around alot. Amara can freeze you pretty hard with the recursion glitch but it makes quick work of Wotan, the only thing I hate about it is when I run a brainstormer with my Fl4k I’ll run off the bridge when she shoots her recursion.
Both are pretty big parts of the meta though.

WOW. Thank you so much guys!!! Yes, it was a Chain Zane and a Ricochet Witch Amara! The electric gun was the Brainstormer and the purple projectiles were from lucky 7 or Fl4k. Now I see why the Zane guy threw the recursion shotgun to me when we were in Sanctuary (I was playing as Amara).

It’s funny that my main character is Amara and I had many of the gears needed but didn’t know the trick. Now it’s time to farm… Thanks again!

I’ve had the same experience on M4. I didn’t even had time to pick up the legendaries lol. On M0 or M1 I’ve been wainting 15-20 minutes on matchmaking and actually 1 player joined on that time of period. On M4 it was like 10 seconds and I was in the Maliwan Takedown. It’s crazy how builds with different artifacts and guns can go.

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