I just had the best night of Battleborn!

Thanks to the new matchmaking, I finally had some really good games. I was getting very tired of all the lopsided matches over the last two weeks, where I had 33 wins and 163 losses, and I had a score of zero in at least a third if not half of them.


Gosh darn it, don’t you understand the Internet? Unless you agree with people or post something negative, no one wants to respond!

In seriousness, I finally get to test the new system out in about an hour. Hoping I enjoy it as much as you did! Good to hear a positive review, going in hopeful.


Wait, you mean I may, possibly now have a full term meltdown match that makes me sweat and cuss and rant at how freaking close and enjoyable it is? Your pulling my leg. That would actually make me get back into the game. Um, Gonna check this out asap.

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I gotta say, I had a pretty good time playing today as well! Even got to play with some devs!

I’ve had both good and bad games, mainly we stomped or the other team stomped us not much balance so far, but there’s pros and cons to all this as usual, we’ll see if the pros outweighs the cons.

I had one meltdown that went to the timer. My team actually won that one, something like 474-389. I also had an incursion that ended 50-50, but we lost by only one or two kills.

Were you playing casual or competitive? I was playing in the competitive queue. There was hardly any wait time, by the way. The only problem was that in one incursion, 3 of my teammates decided to drop out before it started. The two of us remaining still put up an heroic fight, lasting about 12 or 13 minutes. We also had one person decide to drop out before an incursion match, but it was still a good game, even though we were down a person.

I played both and both were equally unbalanced for me :confused: there was a few, but i could count them on one hand matches where it was a great fight, i would say 65% casual and 35% competetive but both felt wrong in balance.

That is unfortunate. Was it because of people dropping out of the match, or being matched with or against a large premade team? I don’t really understand people dropping out because of the mode, because I don’t see that the type of match makes that much of a difference. You’re still playing Battleborn, right?

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Me too. I even met some awesome people. I now have 3 more people to play with (not including their friends). I’m up to over 15 people to play with now. I just wish competitive was mode que since incursion is the best competitive strategy based IMO. The extra 25% doesn’t hurt either

there was a few 5 man premades only, no drop outs at all. i might have been unlucky, but 20+ matches just paints a picture

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