I just lost all the progress from my play session last night

When I logged off last night I was level 23 and I had just finished the mission where you decide the fate of rhys’s mustache, and when I turned on the game today, it said there was a cloud sync conflict and it wanted me to choose between uploading to the cloud and uploading to the machine and when I selected the machine first, I loaded in and my character was back to being level 20, I then exited and selected cloud and my character was still level 20. I’m not sure if this is a gearbox problem or a epic games store problem but any help will be appreciated.

I also had this problem, i went from a lvl 32 to lvl 18 because i chose the wrong option?

Same thing happened to me…How do you fix this?!

i didnt fix it, i just replayed the part that i did last night since I only lost 3 levels

Always choose the newer save file