I just Mastered Toby a few Days ago

So I was wondering …


Does this look like an Adorable penguin who is excited that you mastered him? Hmmm? Lol, to me he looks like he is saying, “Wow … You must have Looooooved Killing on the Rails to unlock this …” Me:“You damn well know it Toby, with every excruciating rage moment, luck, cheesers, and game modes in every fiber of my body”
Any thoughts on the title?


Wow, congrats! I’m level 100 and some of that was with Toby but I can’t imagine mastering that class.

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He looks annoyed that you actually mastered him. As if the Killing on Rails challenge was never meant to be completed and he’s annoyed that you’ve accomplished the impossible.



Uh… GBX? I think we’ve got a badass here… “Master Toby” might be the hardest in the game.

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I’m jealous. Well done.

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THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE… and it’s you

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grats, i too have managed this but i cant play with the purple skin the hud is so distracting :frowning:

id be interested in you favourite taunt

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Now play on my account and finish Killing On the Rails for me.



Impressive. Most impressive.