I just realized I had 100+ keys in each game

So long story short, I’ve got 100+ keys in all three Borderlands games, with just a week to go before the new game comes out…

I feel like I should try to do something with these, like set up a community event or something like that.

Same here, I’m just grind everything I get out of the chest in TPS.

Not sure what it’d be, since we can’t share them.
Maybe a contest to see what the best gear 100 keys gets you?

Me? I have 149 in BL2 and 30 in BL1, and am going to keep them since I think I’ll still be playing those from time to time after the first 2 months of BL3.

only thing I could think was stream opening the box over and over again and fluctuating in invites and handing the guns out?