I just wanna say, Lilith looks amazing in BL3

(Pootbird) #1

I always thought Lilith looked great, but her face sometimes looked quite odd from certain angles. But in BL3? Man she looks amazing.

It makes me a bit sad she’s likely not playable, especially since she’s my favourite Vault Hunter. But at least we have the BL1 Remaster to look forward to if I want that specific fix.

I’m hype!


All the models got a fantastic upgrade with the new engine. Well done designers and programmers. Well done.

(pierrejan95) #3

Looks better than her 2015 Xbox One remastered Borderlands The Handsome Collection which is an improvement on the 2012 Xbox 360 release edition for Borderlands 2 from the 7th generation console to the 8th generation console 2015 release and done on the old engine. The difference with this one and the 2015 Xbox One graphics is the improved lighting and textures on the New engine and optimized for 4k support on Xbox One X and it’s competing console PlayStation 4 Pro.

(Gahzirra72) #4

That one shot where she’s kneeling and the wings are blowing in the wind is nothing short of incredible.

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