I just want to play with some1

Sorry for the rant but. What happen to list of games i can join? Now i need to wait to see who is open? Last time i joined a game i was lvl 1 social’d to campaign and it paird me with a lvl 35. Wtf. Cmon show games available to my lvl. Dont randomly pair me with pple. Give me a list of hosts that i can join. Bring back BL2 matchmaking. bl3 mm is a joke. I couldnt play with the lvl i was at and who i wanted. I quit 3 months ago its still not fix. Its a main reason y i quit. Im stting here right now typing this with the campaign matchmaking (1/4) Searching… as i send this.

Wtf fix MM.
Xbox1 btw


Never used match-making so not sure how it looks, but if host is using cooperation mode being different levels shouldn’t matter - each players game should be scaled accordingly.

You may want to look for co-op partners here:

I dont co op anymore.because the modifiers on mayhem.

Three times ive entered someones game and all my bonus damage is frost or frost in general and i csnt do damage

Good luck in finding games but I am afraid that just now the odds are very much against you because of several factors.

  1. The matchmaking has generally been horrible from the start.
  2. The current state of the game is causing people to back away so less of a MM pool.
  3. Those that are playing are tending to only co op with trusted friends due to modded gear.
  4. A lot of those still playing are only playing solo.
  5. CoPetative setting being used by open lobbies and prob why you were overmatched previously.

Until the game is improved and the VH population returns you are probably stuck I’m afraid.


Ok so where should i search? Campaign/malitakedown/circle/proving, to get more hits on joining pple?

Circle and campaign are more popular. Takedown was for the longest time, but since you can’t get drops there, nobody plays it anymore.

Have you finished the campaign now? You can only do the Takedown if you have finished it (initial post said you were level 1). I’m on PS4 and only really try to matchmake the Takedown, mostly TVHM, Mayhem 10. Set my game to Coopetition (so floor drops go to the Lost Loot machine). In all, though – I find it sad it’s so hard to get into public games.

Lookin for Group on Xbox can get ya in some games from time to time. There are some really great players on these forums.