I just want to set the world on fire - challenge bug

I transferred a character from PS3 to PS4 and one of my challenges has glitched out. It’s the last one I have to do for the trophy. Is there any way to fix this or do I have to complete all the level 1 challenges again on a different character?

Look like you got the ‘slag licked’ gitch on a different challenge. If it’s the same glitch, it should fix itself in time - just keep burning things!

That’s true I did have that one too and it had roughly the same number on it but it fixed itself in about 5 minutes. The fire one not so much. Pretty frustrating.

My slag licked just sat there with the ridiculous numbers for what seemed like an eternity, then suddenly fixed itself while I was slagging something. This has happened on two characters. From what I understand, the stack has to reach its limit in the negative and then it will reset to zero.

Do you know what the limit is? On the fire one it’s dragging itself back towards 0 which is the wrong direction.

No sorry, but if it’s heading towards zero it’s going the right way - notice the little minus sign at the start of the number?

Sorry yeah I thought you meant it had a limit on how far negative it could go.

Yeah sorry man - I don’t math LOL. What I do know for sure is that the number has to hit zero for the challenge to un-glitch.

haha all good. I’ll keep chipping away with my Sawbar and Interfacer. Just good to know that it will unglitch eventually.

i did it stiil wont work