I keep getting disconnected from the server


I’m a big fan of Battleborn but everytime i play in mission (solo/coop) or in pvp i get disconnected for no reasons… it’s so annoying, the only message i get is “Your connection to the server was lost” … I don’t know what to do, i tried everything, but nothing has worked so far… Please if you know how to fix it, help me.
I paid for the game, i think i should be able to play it without any porblem…


Created an account just because of this exact same problem on Xbox One. It is not just a PC issue. Love the game, really do, and this wasn’t a problem I had during Beta. But now the full game has arrived the only time I have been able to finish a level was really early in the morning. Reeks of being kicked from the servers, which is quite frankly a ludicrous problem to have these days. More so when it comes to playing it solo. The fact that I must always be linked to the server means I can’t even enjoy it alone. Gearbox, get it sorted.

Same problem here, also on Xbox One. Every 2nd game I play get’s disconnected and I don’t know why. (50k highspeed internet and no Problems with my connectivity on other apps, games or devices).
Playing coop or pvp also doesn’t work. Everytime I try to play anything else than solo it doesn’t find any players no matter of I’m searching 5 or 60 minutes.
Does anybody know how I can solve my problems?
And @gearbox: can you please fix this issue, so that I am able to enjoy battleborn? Or else: let the solo Mode be playable offline?