I keep getting notification in game of an Update

But I see no where in game to actually apply any sort of update.

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I’m getting same thing as well. There seems to be an update posted online for 1.03 but when I check my game there is no updates at all. My current game version is

Is there something we can do to get this update or something?


On PS4 and Xbox there is a 250mb update patch. I have a PS4 and it updated for me as soon as I installed the game. Do you have automatic updates turned off on your Xbox?

No its PC. It just says theres an update open main menu to apply. From themain menu however I can find no update.

Honestly, that’s why I prefer console gaming over PC. Its straight forward, no guessing when it comes to matters like that.

And the header for your start of the thread says xbox, that’s why I replied to it.

Yes your right I think I posted in the wrong forum. Thanks for the reply however. I appreciate it.

Perhaps you joined the game offline and then rejoined an internet connection. I know this game like to have its players online for some reason.