I keep visiting this forum

…because somehow, I keep hoping that GBX will remake BL3 into the enduring fun program that BL2 was and still is.

Probably time to give that hope up. :roll_eyes:


No doubt. Modern day gaming is in the toilet. The sad part is that unless your middle aged you probably haven’t even experienced the golden age of gaming.lol


I’m 24 now but my first game was resident evil 1 on the ps1, when I was like 3- Dear old dad wanted to scare me with the first zombie cutscene.

But, that means thru my adolescence I played everything- God of war, silent hill, resident evil, dead space, dark souls-
The golden age for sure.
Golden age of youtube and the internet too.

Think the worlds in for something pretty rough myself here pretty soon, but maybe I’m just paranoid.
Not just the golden age of gaming, but… The golden age of everything :confused:

  1. Plenty of fantastic Indie games out there. (I’m talking about ACTUAL Indie games. Not those games by large developers that they claim are “indie”)

  2. IDK. I’m 28 and N64, Gameboy, Gamecube, PS1, early PS2… I’m pretty convinced I got some of that “Golden Age” of gaming.

As for current GBX… don’t hold out hope. So long as their current CEO remains in charge and they continue to ignore fan feedback (in favor of watching Streamers “break” their game), it is essentially guaranteed that their products are all going to be pretty trash.


What does it even mean? What you are hoping for? For me BL3 is way better in many ways than BL2.


Sure. Opinions vary.

Bl3 in almost every way does look better than BL2. I can still play and enjoy BL2 after 6,000 recorded hours. BL3 is a chore to sit through after about 300 hours. For me.

That’s what it means. To me.

The list of reasons of why I can’t force myself to sit through any more BL3 has been endlessly thrashed out.


I’m not denying the window dressing is nice…u know the crisper shooter mechanics and visuals sure but beyond that . But I would argue we should have expected those things to obviously be better on that gen over last last gen. That’s natural console or era jumps that are expected. What we are talking about is a piss poor story and bug fixes for skill trees. Oh and I almost forgot… people like mr.bateman not being able to play the game at all.


Naah, maybe the silver age, the 80s to mid/maybe late 90s were a golden age for film, music, gaming and…everything. RE 1 sneaks in but it turned silver after that


They need to just dump WL and make dlc and guns for BL3 and even BL2 still for that matter. They did for the Lilith DLC pre BL3.

WL has aged reeeeally quick, like warm milk in the AZ sun


That’s why they make sure to get their pre-order/season pass money upfront.


I haven’t been able to dip into BL2 for some time. To each their own, is how I’d see it.


I am in the same boat as the OP. Not saying BL 3 is a bad game, no not at all. But there have been (and are) so many issues (all discussed at some detail within this forum) that prevent it to be as great a game, as the earlier iterations. And that is not rose tinted glasses nostalgia.
Now with the Tiny Tina spinoff out I am under the impression that GBX has either consciously decided to take the whole franchise into a new direction, or has somehow “forgotten” what the original success formula was. Not my cup of tea anymore, so I lurk around here in hope of - really I dunno what. To all those who like BL3: I don´t think that anybody wants to convince you that the game is bad ( I certainly have no intention to do so). You like it, that´s great. Many don´t and that´s a fact. No point telling “us” that we are wrong.


As a middle aged person, (59 is middle aged for me!) I have to comment on “the golden age”.

Gaming for me started with a Commodore Amiga and the horizontal scrolling shooter called Menace from Psygnosis. It was the peak of colorful graphics in “PC” related gaming of the time. There was a bit of a break, with Windows based PC’s taking quite some time to catch up, but finally in 2008 I purchased a PC containing a decent graphics card (ATI Radeon 4850) to play Fallout 3. Later Elder Scrolls… Golden age? For me, yes.

When those first television advertisements for Borderlands came out, I was unconvinced, thinking it looked “too manic”, but bought it anyway. That first game presented a real game “problem” for me, the shoot and loot model is addictive. As have almost all the others. I still play everything BL, most recently running through BL3 with a level 72 character and all the legendaries that work properly. I wish Wonderlands had the kind of significant volume of content that BL1-2-3 contain.

I think the golden age continues.


i usually come around to see if ttw forum will ever be created cuz gearbox software forum btw

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Lol…maybe graphical wise and window dressing wise. I speak of polished finished products which we rarely see these days. I really don’t know why I complain. This is modern gaming. Release it. Fix it later maybe but probably not because there is no punishment for these actions. They know that people will buy these things and will except certain amounts of BS like saying we are looking into issues and said issues never getting resolved. I.e we put that **** in the delete bin.


If you believe some people, it has to be this way. The devs are basically locked in veal cages, and producers are too inept/too lacking in integrity to adamantly present issues as needing to be fixed for the product to function/generate revenue, rather than just passing inconveniences to be ignored at their leisure.


I believe @GBX is still “Looking into it”, just like my wallet is still looking into purchasing Season Pass 2 or TTWL.

As a “middle aged” gamer myself, hard for me to pinpoint what I would consider a golden age of gaming. Having fond memories of playing Wasteland on an Apple IIe a few times through was great but I could also say that I enjoyed playing Outriders as well to show the time gap.

Games release in half@ssed state now days and sadly we have no one to blame but ourselves for day one purchasing, pre-ordering, or continued support for games we know will be buggy as Hell upon release. However until it makes a huge financial dent or becomes a PR nightmare, nothing is really going to change.

All one can do is learn from it and not make the same mistake. Case in point, I expected BL3 to at least run on my console and split screen to work just as it did on the previous versions hence why I went all in with BL3. Is there things I like about BL3, absolutely and I wish my biggest gripes were the story or weapon balance but not even close.


It’s worth mentioning that the complaints people are having about the games applies to the state of the Hardware, be it design flaws (remember the red ring of death or the rash of PS 3 HD deaths) or the PS 5s being under-produced.

In general there seems to be a rush to do thing first, or do things now, rather than doing them correctly. When I first heard the term “Service Economy” I applied it to the types of employment available, but I see now that it also applies to the delivery of goods that people used to own outright. Now we pay for access to services that can be amended or cease. That actually encourages releasing incomplete or ever-evolving products. There’s always something to put forward on quarterly earnings reports for investors. The significance being the answer to the question, “What’s generating more net worth, the sales of the games, or the increase in value of the company for shareholders?”


Bro is really AWESOME to read a person of your age is an active gamer and even more great that you play Borderlands. Borderlands is absolutely one of my favorite franchises of all time and I can not be objective towards it. I love all the Borderlands games and I’m in love of the characters and their stories. Currently playing Borderlands 3 because I don’t know why, I can not get into Wonderlands. Keep playing and take care of your self Vault Hunter @dleithaus!!!