I know the dlc got pushed back for reason but they honestly should have released it alot sooner

They really messed up releasing it what 3 or so months when they originally planned? Cause why would you release your first dlc when its around Halloween time? I’m sorry but overwatched screwed this game over hard and its doing it again you release the dlc when overwatch just came out with the Halloween patch with a new game mode and all the new skins. I tried playing battle born with a friend on ps4 we tried 4 or 5 times to que for the new dlc and every time it put us in a game since it couldn’t find a single player. Matching making for multiplayer was even worse I wanted to show him the new maps and game mode that he hasn’t played but we waited 20 plus minutes we tried waiting in all ques and even if we got lucky to find a team sadly we couldn’t find a team to play against.

Would you rather they released it before it was ready?


I think that the biggest problem is that people are expecting battleborn to chain people to a controller and make them play the game to see how awesome it is. (Not going to happen)

If you really like the game, and a lot of people do. Play it! The numerous posts I’ve seen of people saying that they’re not playing this game because they can’t find people playing it is kind of funny.

It reminds me of when I was in high school and people said that they weren’t going to a dance or activity because they didn’t think anyone would be going.

I fixed this by actually getting people to sign a statistic sheet showing exactly how many people felt like this it was 90% of the student population who were interested but not going because they didn’t think anyone else would go.

Battle born is struggling for the same reason. People who love the game aren’t playing it. Play it, network with other people who love it. Send them invites and messages when you are on and your community will get stronger. Because it is a wickedly fun game.



It’s not funny, it’s called positive feedback. All multiplayer-based games are affected by it, and it’s not players’ fault if a game struggles because of how it works.

[quote=“gigherdb, post:3, topic:1548519”]Battle born is struggling for the same reason.
It’s an over-simplification. Battleborn is struggling for many reasons. If small playerbase was the only one, it… well, it wouldn’t even happen, because at the game launch we had 12k concurrent players.

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Sadly I wish they would have done this with the main game and released it after Overwatch had been released.


FYI quoting me out of context is the true humor here. I was stating that the issue people have with people not playing battle born is funny because if all the people who felt that way played the game then that issue would be largely remedied.

Furthermore positive feedback is actually characterized by providing a suggestion to improve the operation or execution of a function.

For example, I suggest you carefully consider your responses and reactions before picking apart someone’s insight into the problem. Also consider that not everyone adopts the same approach as you and that there are in fact numerous ways to adequately and directly address an issue. I offer the solution of not posting about a topic such as positive feedback and implying that the reader of your response doesn’t know what it is unless you’re prepared to offer some of said feedback.



That wasn’t really an option

[quote=“gigherdb, post:6, topic:1548519”]Furthermore positive feedback is actually characterized by providing a suggestion to improve the operation or execution of a function.

For example, I suggest you[/quote]
While I suggest you use the link I provided, because it’s not the thing I was talking about:

For example: playerbase dropped for any reason -> matchmaking is longer and less precise -> people like the gameplay less -> they play less, playerbase drops even more.

The game has many issues which affect its playerbase. Reducing them all to “people just think no one’s playing” is an over-simplification, and a resulting call to everyone to play the game more is not a working solution. If small playerbase was the only issue, it would never happen in first place because there were times when player base was not small. But it still kept decreasing very fast. Events, which regularly draw players back to the game, don’t help build healthy playerbase too. It is much more complicated than how you are trying to picture it.


Sadly they had yet to learn what they know now. Honestly, they get very little credit for how readily they’ve adapted. And ofc, then people would say it’s just an OW clone. Haha, just kidding, every game ever produced is based off of a Blizzard game

Are all blizzard games based off of blizzard games too? O.o

It actually is simple:
Devlopment changes [most of your non-player caused issuea] require money. Money for a game requires players to build revenue. This is achieved primarily though new players buying the game and old players buying content.

Assuming that the people who are complaining are either people who have already purchased content, (or would like to but can’t afford to buy all of the things,) I rationalized that the most productive thing that they can do to see the desired impacts on the other core issues is to work on the one that they can, themselves.

Because the community is so small comparitively every player’s attitude directly effects the decisions of people looking at this game. Including new players who wonder if they should buy it

I know of many people who refuse to play battleborn because people are just too mean.

For this game to stand any chance at being recognized seriously the player base will need to change their opinions about the lack of players, the other players, and be willing to evoke a change in their communities.

I’m not saying that it’s a perfect solution to all of the problems. There are no real perfect solutions.

It’s a suggestion, heavily influenced by my observations of some entitled mentalities which have been deteriorating battle born from the inside out.

I’m open to other suggestions but I haven’t actually read any yet.



Well, Blizzard people can see the future as you know. So Blizzard bases their games off of their future games

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Well the problem is nobody is playing anymore I think the ps4 player base is like 500 people from what a friend was saying idk if that’s true or not. But as it is now waiting 30 plus minutes to play any game mode is discouraging. I would love to play but I’m not waiting that long for a game.

Well they screwed up one way or another on it sadly. Yeah its nice to have dlc that works as intended but when it gets pushed back 2 or 3 months when they originally hoped to launch it really hurts like I said I couldn’t find anyone to play the new dlc with let alone waiting forever to find people tp play pvp with.

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It has issues
There is little denying that
But it is well worth the $5
in my humble opinion at least


Your speaking of a serious but known issue for the game as a whole
I was just speaking of the DLC
The games low player count and what can be done is a much larger discussion that this board has seen and had many times over.

You can play the DLC solo. And people do play, but as @Vicks_Toire said, there are issues with matchmaking and solutions have been proposed all over the place. Basically it boils down to getting more people to play and keep playing. There are two more Battleborn coming out and four more story OPs, so we’ll see what happens.


I play on ps4, im up to pve or PvP any mode.

Queue sólo is bad idea… For some reason it can take 10 mins but if you join the queue with a party of 2-3 it takes 2 minutes.

Just find a community, add new ppl. I accept almost anyone who wants to play and is not a jerk to his team members.

I dont use mic (i have noisy birds), but i listen and i keep my eyes open.

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