I know they said no new VHs but

dang man I just finished my 3rd playthrough of the story and Typhon is still such a badass! Love his dialogue. He comments he is in his “sundown years” but I have no clue how old that is considering I’m still unsure how old his kids are supposed to be. He was crash landed for decades but idk if that means 20 years or 120 years.

Either way I always felt like it would be a good DLC to go on adventures with Typhon in his prime years OR if he was added as a DLC VH. I mean we do already have “Jack” in TPS so I figure there could be a workaround. We wouldn’t be playing as Typhon really. We’d be playing as “Prime Typhon” or maybe the Eridians/Overseer want us to see/compare ourselves to a “real Vault Hunter” and use Prime Typhon in a hologram of sorts so he is a playable character. He comments he beat the Vault Monster with Leda so either we can assume they were both very skillful or he is just that badass that he was a Prince Charming of sorts. I could easily see his Laser Whip being his Action Skill!

Oh well. Just going to sleep well tonight thinking about what kind of adventures Prime Typhon & Leda went on.

This whouldnt make any sense, typhon is already dead…
Bring him back in dlc, ok… but not as a playable char.
maybe he comes back in a new b&b dlc ^^

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