I know this is impossible, but for discussions sake - Should Free2Play players be able to play the Campaign if they are teamed with an FGU player?

As the title says. I know 2K would NEVER approve of this happening, let alone letting the free playerbase even get to touch that part of the game, but I was curious as to what you guys, the playerbase, thought of it. Would you be okay with it and even support it, or would you dislike it heavily?

They should at least be able to play private (pvp) games with FGU owners…


I think they could have just included the Algorithm on normal and advanced. It’s one of the best missions in my opinion and I’m sure it would have gotten more people interested!


If my girlfriend couldn’t play any Ops with me until she bought the season pass as well, than no. They’re already getting the entire multiplayer experience for free, with exception to the characters. They can play the Prologue which gives them a pretty good taste of what they can expect from the full story and Ops.

This game needs to be supported financially in some way. It only takes a couple of bucks to buy the game and unlock everything BB has to offer which is a steal for the effort put into this game.


Personally, they should either do this or make the story part $10, but without the full roster unlock. Some people may just want to play the story, but aren’t bothered about being stuck with the free rotation characters

If ur internet can handel it in ps4 u can use share play to play with ur friend the story but not ops.

The game is only $9 on Amazon and even cheaper in other sites so why stress over this?


The full game upgrade would be on discount eventually, and there are hard copies of the game for dirt cheap around the states. Not sure about Canada. If $9 is too expensive, you shouldn’t invest in this hobby.

Civilization 5 compete costs 12.50 CDN, just to let you know.

The other problem is how addictive and effective Battleborn’s story PvE is. The peak of the PvE is when you are trying hard to collect all the gear at max roll, but once that’s been accomplished the desire dies down drastically. Story PvE is very dull to solo, simply takes way too much time, always online so disconnects screw your progress, and a whole slew of other problems that many are not willing to tolerate.

PC gamers have little to no tolerance towards wasting time.

So what I’m saying is, even if you give the new players the PvE content, once they got the legendaries they are aiming for they’ll stop playing it due to the deeply entrenched problems this game’s PvE has. It would artificially extend the game’s life, sure, but I doubt it would be long enough.

Given the numbers on Steam, if the most recent update didn’t do much to retain players, although it wouldn’t hurt to give the first story as a sample for every one to try, I doubt players are that eager to stay once they see what the PvE has to offer. The Algorithm is the first and best story mission, in my eyes, with Saboteur being the second, but the other 6 all fall short in some area(s) that make the mission more tedious and time consuming than necessary.

Well, looking back to the Open Beta’s Story setup, why not give F2P players half of selected stages – specifically those with a midboss at the halfway point – on a rotation? Algorithm to Geoff, maybe Experiment to Antem?

Then they could tune the Legendary drops to be extremely rare, and finish each with a “To Be Continued…”

Just give 'em a taste, first one’s free, and so on.


Sampling works, I just wonder why GBX didn’t attempt that -especially The Algorithm.

Ultimately, those in the states could get the full game for relatively cheap, so it’s not hard to get access to the PvE if people are interested. It’s better than buying Magnus Packs, cuz they f***ing suck, and pray to RNG gods to give you the legendary at max roll and the right flair.

If you want more skins, then get the season pass or the operations through the crappy microtransaction crap, it’s still much much cheaper than gambling with Magnus Packs.

Maybe Battleborn needs to significantly improve their rewards, by drop rates on bosses and loot packs, to entice people to want to play PvE. This concept of the house always needs to win really needs to take a hike.

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+1, atm F2P users can’t even team up in queues so they are already likely to quit the game since they are put up against pre-mades

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