I KNOW what BL3 needs

I am playing Darksiders 2 currently for my 2nd time, and I just had a realization. So many people want a WorkBench option to be able to modify guns. Darksiders 2 has the “Possessed” Weapon class (the equivalent of BL Legendaries). Their base stats are on or under par for their level, BUT you can sacrifice other weapons to it and after X points from sacrifice it “Upgrades”, increasing its current stats, and adding or upgrading a feature that you choose from one of the weapons you sacrificed to it. Each weapon can upgrade 5 times, and has a limit of 4 features, making it ultimately more powerful than other weapons at the same level.

I think what would be a great compromise would be a new equipment type (like Seraph, or E-Tech) that has this feature. It would make the equipment customizable (like people want), and give a good reason to pick up all the random equipment you find but don’t want to use.

Alternatively, it would be interesting if this was a character’s Action Skill (Passive), and the rest of the trees focused on how many times it could upgrade the equipment, what kinds of equipment it can upgrade the equipment, and how many features it can inherit, and standard gameplay/stat buffs.

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