I know what is missing but you guys don't

it is funny to watch community can not quite being able to put a finger on what is the big thing missing when it is in front of your eyes

base game is missing, the beautiful game that is borderlands 3 is missing. regular and quest reward red text gear should be able to perform at least at 80%-90% of meta. the ever present base game that did not fall off the cliff in end game difficulty is missing in this installment of the franchise. gearbox has been completely negligent of it and community playing the anointed orange simulator completely forgot it. patches on legendaries here and there shows nothing less but how sad the state of the game is.

#rescale vanilla #rescale dlc1 make base game great again.

P.S. luv ya maliwan terminator see you sometime <3


Like I always say I’d replay normal story a lot if it was as memorable as Bl2 and I am not talking about game play just how fun the writing is, I played some side quests of Bl2 countless times in normal just for the jokes never caring about endgame op levels or whatever. I can’t stand bl3 secondary quests and the story is rather boring , now that there are 4 dlc I think I may try starting a new character again as I much rather prefer the dlc writing.


I mean, I’m having fun on mayhem 2 with a bunch of regular weapons. Got me a cryo shockwave shotgun that is baller as heck. But yeah, if I had higher aspirations (and that’s where most of the “replay” value is), I wouldn’t mind a rethink of the anointment system. The proving grounds are also seemingly collecting dust for most of the community here, which I think is a shame.


Reported for narcissism. Jk.
I think it’s a bit unspecific. Base game is lacking? Yes definitely. The mission rewards being one of the leading mistakes? Don’t think so. What I miss the most in comparison to former installments is the dry dark humor, the better story and skill synergy.

I think it’s something else for anyone, tbh.

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it is not lacking it is great! it is just out of scale therefore unusable after certain (low) threshold

Yes, you’re right they should go back to the old 1,3 multiplication per level instead of 1,03. What they thought would be great, turned out to be the games biggest weakness mechanically. It makes weapons last longer than they should level-wise and leaves basically no space for scaling different qualities of weapons in between.
For me, though. This wouldn’t even be a problem when my issues with the character of the game wouldn’t be so exhausting

You are assuming that this is the only thing wrong with this game hahahaha.
It is harder to find what is right…


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It was supposed to be an online mmo shooter ala Destiny. It was never going to be similar to the others where red text uniques hold up with new content. Is this upsetting balance, sure, but it most likely the vision the entire time.

I think what the big issue with the missions in the game is that a lot of it is “hurry up and wait”. In BL2 you could sprint mission objective to mission objective, kind of like a theme park MMO where the missions lead you in the same general direction, and memorizing these objectives came naturally because it went with the flow of the game.
In BL3, your roller coaster ride comes to a screeching halt when you have to WAIT EVERY TIME YOU TALK TO A PERSON.
You HAVE to. You can’t start the conversation and start running to where the next objective is while still listening to the characters talk, you have to wait until they finish so you can grab something (key, memory orb, etc.) from the NPC and take it to the next diamond on the map.
The flow is all messed up. That’s what I think is missing.


I agree that some of the old legendaries need some love, but I think the powerful DLC weapons and the occasional rebalances make the game more interesting overall. Otherwise you get what happened in Borderlands 2 with everyone using the same broken guns (Norfleet, DPUH, etc…) for years straight. At least in BL3 there is a chance that bad legendaries will become good in a future patch.

base game is just too weak to replay over and over like past BL games. endgame isnt everything. on steam every time a dlc comes out, the player counts goes high up then eventually plateaus back to bl2 levels :frowning:

sad to see because the gun levelling here is the best in the series

Therein lies the issue for me; the base game is… well… mediocre.

This is especially a shame because the DLC (I’ve done all but the Fustercluck thus farm, and have 100%'d Bounty of Blood and Handsome Jackpot) has actually been a challenge and a blast.

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That’s my problem too. BL2 story was great and I replayed it so many times. I cringe through BL3 when starting a new character. And yes, BL2 side quests seemed superior. I haven’t touched these in BL3 after my first character unless they open up farmable bosses.


well yeah the insane powercreep with annointments and fotm legendaries is a glaring issue
but you forgot something else
2 already had a little bit too much dialogue but 3 is just overkill
even if the game was perfectly balanced and every skill tree /action skill was good having to stand around while vaughn/lilith/ryhs just talk and talk and talk and talk all day is just too much.


I completely agree with you guys on the issue of dialogue, I still play games 10 years old and can skip through the talking parts by mashing a button, and jut get on with playing the actual game having fun. But oh no, you’re not doing such a thing in BL3, no way can you get on with just simply playing. For some reason they want you to sit there doing ■■■■ all listening to bland poorly written dross, it’s a game killing waste of time, just like their extra long loading screens when farming.

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Dude, BL3 is not even close to being an MMO, and it was never the idea

I would be 100% fine with even more dialogue if it just was not mandatory, the problem as someone else here pointed is that you have to listen waiting for the NPCs to give you something/interact, and that gets boring after the first run. Like this dlc4 is impossible to play again, it is infested with this kind of situation where you have to seat and wait for krieg’s monologue.