I like a lot of the coming changes but two bother me... Thorn and galilea

A lot of the changes are welcome and will change some things about the game in a drastic way. But there’s two critical errors.

  1. Thorns getting a buff
  2. Galilea is getting a buff.
    Let’s start with Galilea.
    If anyone’s looked at my posts around the Galilea thread and other threads you’ll know I’m a profound Galilea hater. I hate everything about her, from her lore to her kit. She has 80% of the ccs, most of which are on desecrate, which also has a damage amp. And to top it all off she’s getting a health buff of 300 hp and her last light helix is now gonna give around 15 regen a sec. It’s not huge but it still annoys me that she’s getting buffed while in her current state.
    (Yes I know she’s getting reworked but that’s not coming with this patch as far as I know, which means we have a buffed up broken mess named Galilea for a month.)
    Thorns buff is concerning since natures curse will now charge quicker and her bow will somehow be more accurate than it already is. More range, more curse procing more thorn insta kills. Thorns skills need to be toned down before the bow gets buffed.
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…If you watch the Gbox team talking about these changes you will see they are not making the chars more powerful just better to play. The changes to Thorn and Whiskey will make the skills they already have work better for the player.

The one thing that will be so awesome for PvE is the friendlies not colliding any longer.
But in PvP that same change will mean chars can hide behind Toby and burst thru for a big surprise. :sunny:

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The Galilea one though… I just strongly dislike gali getting buffed no matter what honestly. It’s just annoying because her kit is so absurd with the ccs
And as I said I like a lot of the other changes especially the allied collision thing

Yeah I don’t agree with the Thorn buff at all. All it does is make quick fire better when its already 100x better than hold fire.

Galilea’s HP buff comes at the fact they are buffing the majority of every ones HP if you are a melee due to ranged by so damn good.

I actually thought they would reduce Galilea’s hp just like they did to El Dragon. Galilea is probably the best melee character right now… well not right now, but will be after the patch. If you can pop up a shield, that can consume 1k damage just like that - you really don’t need the hp buff. I have never had a survivability problems with her. (and they are buffing her ult regen by 450%, that’s is so ridiculous…) She will be a one man army.

I don’t know, maybe this buff is more reasonable for console players, but for mouse/keyboard ones - it wasn’t necessary at all.

It’s her tier 5 helix, not her Ult. And odds are no one will pick it because Antihero (even massively nerfed Antihero) is on the same tier.


And for everyone, I think you’re forgetting that there is no way this is all that’s going to be in the patch. In the AMA they said they were more than likely going to nerf all of Thorn’s skill’s damage by 20%, and add an arc to Volley. They hinted they may nerf Galilea’s “It’s Dangerous to go Alone” again and move Vortex to a later tier in her helix. Shayne and Aurox getting a 300 shield reduction, ISIC’s Overcharge shot not doing AoE damage and wards being buffed. Ect…

You all are jumping to conclusions way too fast, and some of you aren’t doing your homework. Plus if you all know Gearbox and know Battleborn you know there will be a bunch of stealth changes not even in the official patch notes.

And just to put it out there I do not agree with you OP, and I loathe a majority of these changes.


Whoooops, my bad then! Thanks for clearing this up

.[quote=“khimerakiller, post:6, topic:1547486”]
You all are jumping to conclusions way too fast, and some of you aren’t doing your homework.

Sometimes it’s hard to do the homework when the information is spread through several different medias. I think GB should have a sticky topic only to inform what when and where they wrote something about the game or changes to the game. They just need to paste then link and it’s done. Right now - not everything is posted in their “news” section.


Fair points, hopefully thorn and gali do get hit with those nerfs with their incoming buffs as well

That sounds an awfully lot like “making them stronger”, for Thorn specifically. That had better be a hell of a nerf to Blight since its currently as good as an Ultimate but without the CD.

Wait, so no more friendly character collisions? That seems like a bit of a dumbing down. I guess it would get that one super angry miked up guy off my back when I’m clogging the choke point as Kleese, but this sounds like a bad idea.

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Thorn getting a “buff”. In reality, a major nerf to her ult, decent to blight, and one that makes Volley harder to crit. She’s getting a few things buffed to compensate. The goal appears to emphasize her bow more than previously, and have her actually focus on wave clear for more than a second (still easy with Cursed arrow through all of them)

I don’t really play Galilea, although I did just master her over the last weekend, mostly in PVE going from level 4 to 15 in like 4 games.

To master her I ran her back out in PVP and did about 13-2-12. So if they are really just straight out buffing her, seems a bit much. I don’t feel like I actually know how to use her in PVP, I’ve seen others much better…

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Oh my gosh thank you so much. Best post in months. I hope people read. @everyone read this please

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I think they’re against it deep down as a design choice, but it was extremely frustrating, ESPECIALLY WHEN MY OWN MINIONS BLOCK ME LIKE WHAT THE HECK GUYS I THOUGHT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE A TEAM HERE

Yeah, that has happened to me to, trying to kite and by the time I figure out what’s blocking me I’m dead. But that is part of awareness, right?


See galileas it’s dangerous to go alone isn’t the problem it’s her stupidly broken cc chaining mess of a kit. Hopefully the pull and silence are on the same helix.