I like Aurelia but lost interest in the game

So I am playing Aurelia and find her skill tree interesting yet somewhat limiting since I am a solo player. The ice shards are a play on Mayas phase lock and is generally good for crowd control. Trouble is as I am playing through the missions again I am not captivated by the story, the enemy types or challenges. This game is significantly lacking in variety and options. With the first 3 DLC items we have more characters to play but not enough new game to play. I know DLC4 is coming some time soon but it better be bloody huge otherwise it will not attract players back for long. This game has been out for about six months and for today’s stats on Steam it is around 70th place. Borderlands 2 for what its worth is in the mid 20’s and it was out in 2012. The main difference is that Borderlands 2 has a huge variety of things to do and is on the whole quite varied for play styles. It also has a lot of endgame replayability. To be honest this game is dying and the fact that the forums are so quiet is testament to that. I myself had take a long break and just picked it up to try out Aurelia as this was supposed to be so amazing that it would be one of the draw cards to the season pass but really she and timothy and only a different play style to a rather small game and that was just a really bad idea. Adding extra characters to a game is only a great idea if the game holds replayability all by itself and in this case BL:TPS does not.

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Agreed needs a lot moreL. Oh and it has been over a month since the promise of re spawn able bosses patch.

Well, to me, the variety lies in the game being short enough to level up/try out all the characters – multiple times if desired! In BL2, I spent hundreds of hours just getting one character to OP8 ( a shorter amount of time for another via power leveling). Don’t really understand why TPS is not more popular (no mention whatsoever in the end of the year Game of the Year discussions all over the web). Those Steam statistics could also be influenced by game price – can get BL2 GOTY dirt cheap. Sorry if you aren’t happy but there are lots of other games to play if you don’t like it.

To be honest, Panic, I’ve never payed attention to any borderlands story after the first run through. I got $5 that says the biggest reason this game is unpopular is because of the large amount of bugs/poor developmental decisions (non-re spawning bosses, poorly implemented season pass, etc). At this point I’ve been waiting since day 1 for respawnable bosses, since the Holodome DLC for the backpacks/bank, and now since Aurelia for the grinder to be fixed.

Take all these annoying issues, sprinkle in some long wait times, and add a communications policy that doesn’t allow for communication. You get one big cluster of reasons people have been unhappy and eventually just stopped playing.

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You’re simply worn out on the game, it happens with everyone after a while and it happened to me a few weeks ago. So I stopped playing completely for three weeks and I’ve finally gone back to the game and I’m enjoying it much more.

I have only played it for 40 hours. Until a couple of days ago I hadn’t played it for 3 months. I would hardly say I am worn out. I have over 1200 hours in BL1 & BL2. Pardon the pun but the game seems to lack atmosphere. It worries me BL3 will be like this game and the end BL2 will be the last of the big games in the series.

Agree, but maybe you should wait until GBX panel on PAX. Sunday, 10:30 AM ET there will be some news :slight_smile: Should be streamed on twitch.tv/pax