I like the idea of kelvin but

I love the idea of Kelvin but he’s just to weak with no active healer and kinda meh with one a way to fix this I think is to tweak a few things, double the shields he would get from LANDING any of his skills making him, or just give him more based on how many enemies it hits. Two; make his bite a cone and or make the camera zoom-out like it would for Atticus but to balance the buffs just had wind-up when activating the bite and if you cancel it, and for a little more survivability but at the same time putting him in danger let him heal of a percent of anythings makes health when it dies that way you can make up for the no shield ot blocking.

Im glad their is a section in the forum to talk about this. Kelvin is a good character concept but something needs to change. I cannot give specifics but Kelvin definitely needs to be looked at. I was excited to unlock him but something just felt wrong when I played him.

I agree, I was really looking forward to unlocking him and it took a while. After playing him it seems he starts off very weak and just didnt live up to expectations, I found that once he leveled up enough he started to be more fun to play, but overall it just seemed like it took way to long to get to a point that he was fun to play.

If you run him w/ + shield regen you can actually get him to have a consistent shield, add on some good +hp regen source and he actually becomes one of the most rediculous tanks in the game capable of crunching down anyone else and having a total of 5k+ HP and a restoring shield… If he got a buff, he may become godly. XD

With the right helix choices you get full shield restore on every connected chomp and that’s with a max shield strength increase gear activated. So I don’t think he needs more shield gain on hit.

I felt the same, but after about 5-10 games as him, I figured out you need to play it carefully (via keeping your distance, running in to Chomp minions when the enemy is distracted/engaged with your allies, then [obviously] run to cover) and get those levels going before you can properly engage anyone.

The middle-mouse pushback on Kelvin seems somewhat powerful… I’ve literally juggled people into corners with it, and then pushed back any melee Battleborn trying to help the poor sod… I would say the idea is to buy turrets & such to level up as quickly as possible; running 1/2 cheap gear is efficient in this case (I think I went for movement speed and a piece of gear which increased my Shield Capacity & allowed me to generate shards per second as I’m usually without a shield/tanking when I do have a shield); going for a purple/gold gear for the last gear slot (I chose to go for the movement speed & cooldown gear thingy… It was a pocketwatch or something…) then rushing to get that gear once I hit level 4/5 (and could self-heal via Chomp with sufficient HP via minion kills) so I could engage people effectively. To be honest, Kelvin’s playstyle is deceptively unique: you can’t straight-up tank: there’s no point in the long-run of the match. Juggling enemies, crowd control and setting up allies is what Kelvin specialises in: don’t Chomp-to-kill enemy Battleborn if you can guarantee your teammate the kill - just eat the minions & turrets 'till it’s worth bombarding their groups & eating the midget Mikos and Orendis :slight_smile: