I like the jumping sections on Minos Prime now

I decided to jump into a co-op Takedown because of the current event, and would you know? The one person I was put in the game was using modded gear (unless there really is a rocket launch which fires about 50 homing rockets that makes the screen shake like a Complex Root). Well, surprise, surprise, this person didn’t last long against the jumping sections and I carried him/her to Scourge (where, on the last platform, the mantling didn’t connect). They left the game and I proceeded to beat the Takedown by myself. Yay for things which stop people with modded gear breaking the game.


every black cloud has a silver lining

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And every “Silver Cloud®” * has a tiny vase for flowers in the back seat​:joy::joy:

  • That’s a Rolls Royce doncha know.