I like the surrender option. please keep it

because i know that every time i go up against a team of 2 or more, i am doomed as a pug player.

a healer who spam heals his buddy makes him immortal.

the game is broken like that.

cant kill him unless u 5v1 them and we all know thats not gonna happen.

id rather just surrender after they get to like 10-0.

lol . not fun. not fun at all. for pugs like me. i dont got time to make battleborn friends and sit on voice chat all day.

i just wanna play some games.

but i got miko spam healing gallilea and gali is 10-0 before im even level 2.

just not fun.

not fun at all.

also the aim botting is not fun

also ghalt 3 shots people/

also characters get stuck on each other, didnt notice if u noticed that

also bullets and grenades get stuck on invisible walls next to corners.

also the match making is bogus. just had a game where we had 3 level 90+ vs all players less than level 10 except me. lol. wtf. these matches are no fun and i will surrender every time i get the chance to do so. and if you ever remove the surrender option i will quit and never support another gearbox game again. tbh i was a huge fan of borderland but i think this game got screwed up idk maybe its illuminati i thought borderlands dev be lot msarter

sorry for bad english im japanse


this game wouldnt be fun without surrender.

imagine every other game u get stuck with a botter or a group of nerds who are literally impossible to take down.

no one wants to die 40 times in a row to a guy whos healt rengerates

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every single game where i go against galt… ends up in my team forfitting… LOL!!!.

single handidly the most op character ever.

had some kid nerd rage hard on his mic cuz he kept getting 3 shot by galt from 30 yards away lol.

imagine being stuck fighting galt for 30 minutes.

thats not fun at all.

we need that surrrender button

I gotta disagree with what you say, if you dislike people healing then maybe you should be the pugs healer?
Also one healer might seem like the other guy is great but the healers are usually weaker in health you should always be targeting miko and never gal untill after.

Back to the main topic headline, Surrender really annoys me in pugs 9 outta 10 times.
Today i played two games with my girlfriend. (funny enough as me gal her miko)
The first game we were down 50-100, our sentry had died and team called for a surrender with over 15 mins left on the clock, they won the vote and we lost.
Second game, we lost our sentry first again, but in the 20th min we pushed theirs, then pushed their second with the longer respawn timers in late game and won.

Surrender isnt a bad thing, but given up to quickly just sucks.
We duo which means we usually have 3 pugs, we dont use voice chat, we dont have voices on to hear others and still have plenty of fun even when losing.

If you KNOW your not gonna win why not go for achievements, kills, assists, minion kills ect ect.

Again surrender isnt a totally bad option but i dislike pugs going straight to it if they are losing, most of my wins have been because of a late game push, you finally kill that miko and hes dead for 50 seconds then you got ample time to kill the others.

The thing about being a pug player is it doesn’t matter what level these pug players are, I mainly play supports in battleborn, and the problem is, most pug players do not know how to damage. Most pug players do not know how to pick different roles. Most pug players play characters on versus they have never touched before. I like the surrender option, it should be included in all MOBAs mainly because there are douchebags out there who prefer to sit and kill the other team than just win. especially with how battleborn works, you get more account xp and character for more kills and the longer the games goes on. What battleborn needs to do is do 2 different modes like league of legends for player teams, well for ranked at least. Pug queue which is single and duo queues only and 5 man teams, mainly because higher player teams are more organized.

Douchey players are one thing, and i agree in that situation its fine to accept the loss, but throwing the towel in mid game when you’ve lost your first sentry when otherwise the game is tied is no fun.

I dont dislike surrender i just would like to see the community not throw the towel in the moment they arn’t winning. People say some characters are hard to kill hard to stop, but maybe you get better talents later in the game to help counter that as i said before alot of times we’ve won is late game, or at least ask/talk about it in chat for a second or two (when dead maybe so not interrupting gameplay) a simple “think we can come back from this or surrender?” at least then you get some communication going.

Wait are they considering NOT keeping the surrender option?

As someone who doesn’t play with a full group of 5, I really hope they don’t. There is nothing in the game worse than knowing early on you are stuck with some idiots or that someone disconnected and isn’t coming back and then having a surrender vetoed.

Its a good option but its really annoying when your teammates start spamming it once the sentry starts taking damage. I once had a teammate stay at base because he refused to play and just surrendering. Its nice but its also toxic and needs to be addressed.

Git gud, anyone? Call me crazy, but I come to play, win or lose. If you’re getting steamrolled that bad, it won’t be long before you lose anyway, but I’m so sick of players refusing to contribute and spending all of their time trying to surrender when their team is still in the game. It’s like as soon as their sentry gets touched in Incursion or the other team gets a small lead in Meltdown, they don’t want to play anymore. Babbies. I’ve seen (and made) some amazing comebacks. PLAY THE GAME. You never know what’ll happen. Unless most of your team disconnects, there’s absolutely no point to surrender. There’s a game to be played and no good reason not to play it.