I like this game but

I really do like this game, it can be a ton of fun. But the games have just gone to ■■■■ and its just not worth playing anymore.

Waiting for 15-30 minutes to get into a game is no fun.
Full random vs Full premade is no fun.
Starting a game 4v5 is no fun.
Playing with people who are level 1 after 10 minutes in game is no fun.

Since every game has AT LEAST 2 of these things, Battleborn just isnt fun anymore. I try playing a couple games here and there, hoping the changes each week have made it better, but it just gets worse and worse.

It looks like a lot of people are enjoying the lootpocalypse event, but i just cant drag myself to run through the same dull, repetitive, and flat out boring PvE content. You can give me 10 legendaries per run and i would still struggle to want to play through a “story” mission.


I’m sorry these things are effecting your play experience. I’ve had the same problems on PC.

But no one is forcing you to play Battleborn. If you aren’t having fun, it’s ok to do something else with your time. It’s meant to be entertainment. If it is no longer entertaining, then why punish yourself?


Ive pretty much quit playing. In the last month i think I have played under 20 games. I used to play that much in a single weekend. Each time I try playing i think, maybe this time will be better. But its not. Its just the same broken mess.

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I’m guessing you went to Overwatch afterwards.

My only suggestion is to find a group. Meltdown matches are rare but consist of many premades now, I beat two full premades last night in a 2-man with randoms so I can tell you not all premades are scary, in fact my theory is they were grouped up to make matchmaking quicker as most Meltdown matches nowadays seem to be against premades. Find a group on these here forums, party up, and hit the Meltdown queue, there’s still fun to be had on Battleborn :slight_smile:


My play time has been cut drastically as well. I found myself playing a little less due to wait times, but not much. Then my work schedule decided it didn’t want me playing during normal hours so when I can play the wait times tend to be worse. Then I discovered Pokemon Go and I’m not entirely sure where I have been the last week as a result.


I like gearbox games, the only problem is the glitches…I really enjoy this game, played all day, but I took several days off beforehand because nothing can be done about me getting to level 15 and finishing a lore and receiving no legendary, no purple and black skin, and no master title…just disappointing to say the least.

Most of the issues listed would be gone if the player base was huge. That can only happen if everyone starts urging their friends to play or GB actually ADVERTISES.

But I really don’t think that the amount of advertising they would need to do to get say 500k players online at a time during peak hours would actually be profitable for them. So what seems to be the best route for them to go would be free to play with microtransactions to make actual money. Everyone sees to have a strong feeling this is how it will go (Look at what it recently did for Evolve) but in that case it makes it hard to feel good about urging friends to buy the game right now when they could possibly get it for free soon.

2K needs to market. That’s what they’re in charge of. That includes monetizationsuch as the marketplace.

I have a few friends that play overwatch and they convinced me to buy it. The game is OK, but i dont like how easy it is to OHKO someone, and it has a lot of weird hitbox issues. The amount of times I have been hooked through a wall by Roadhog is annoying as hell. And as true with most Blizzard titles, there are a lot of trolls/griefers.

Ow is not a really good replacement for battleborn.i would recommend smite or gigantic instead.