I like to see a totorial for the mutuplayer

i would like to see a more in dept mutiplayer tutorial for the game i didnt see one in the beta that would be very usefull as not everyone plays mobas hope to hear from u guys soon thanks

Copying my own post from another thread:

"Moba style games don’t make it easy to enter.
Proceed as follows:

  • collect shards by
  • destroying crystals
  • killing enemies
  • killing enemy minions
  • build logistics. This not only helps your team, but also gives you xp to reach level 5 faster
  • use your helix
  • activate gear. When you’re behind you might want to prioritize logistics over gear
  • proceed to slaughter enemies"

That’s the checklist that you have to work off every game. I think you can play fairly decent with this.


Thanks that is a huge help :slight_smile: