I lose every time. How?

I’m decent and shooters, and decent at MOBA, so why am I always losing? I understand the minions are the important part of meltdown, and I work towards that goal. I’m not the best, but I know I’m not THIS bad either. Is it matchmaking? Is it lack of understanding of players? (i.e. lack of tutorial for each mode). I don’t understand and I’m not having fun anymore. I don’t have a mic, I’m not getting one, and shouldn’t have to. Anyone else having these issues?

Playing solo on this game is a nightmare and usually an auto loss
Play with a group and its hard to lose


I too sometimes get horrible streaks of lost matches. I feel whenever I lose it’s often because of my team only concentrating on team fighting or one lane only - this leaves me handling 1-2 lanes completely on my own!
You’ll also really start struggling when your team starts falling behind in levels vs the enemy team - a lot of people seem to forget to level. Everyone really should prioritize on leveling and shards at least till level 5. You won’t have enough damage in early levels to effectively eliminate the enemy.

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That’s untrue. I often play solo and I’ll get a good number of wins as well as losses.

Same. 120 Played games 70 Won, it’s ok for me. (all matches with randoms)

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It’s rather simple. It’s near impossible for a player to single handedly carry the team in this game.

The only scenario it can happen in is when your opponents are as competent as a flatworm

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I have a 61% winrate. 90% since recent matchmaking fix and only play solo and duo queue. Including winning against 5 man premades. You can definitely win in solo queue.

My win rate is closer to 6%. Solo que is the worst

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Don’t worry about it mate. I go on usual 10 game losing streaks, the last one that broke was meltdown where I had 90 minion kills and 40-something objectives.
The last one I lost was with on capture where I had 15 objectives, another had 17 and the rest of the team had 3 lol. Dont worry about it, as people get better acquainted with the game it’ll get better!

I have a 12% winrate. Something is off about this game, and its not just me. I’m not a great player, but honestly I should be around 30% at least. I have no idea what I can personally do to increase it from 12% without grouping up.

Bad players in a moba equal losses. That’s the genre

I have around 50% win. Some times I go on losing streaks and sometimes I go on winning streaks it’s all ran done for me

If the issue is “too many bad players”, then its because they don’t understand the proper way to play. Which is why there needs to be a tutorial or something to teach them

I disagree,I play solo 90% of the time and I have a 66% win rate,and like @dpharris0461 it’s steadily going up since I started to get matched with players of equal skill.

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I don’t have PSN so I can’t play online but in theory (based on BO3 when I did have PSN) playing solo in any shooter is a nightmare. Communication is key. I can’t tell you how many times I would have to carry my team in BO3 and throw away my kd distracting the enemies at their spawn. Without being able to communicate with your team you will have to find some way to buy them time to play the objective like rushing the enemy spawn in ISICs giant mech mode for example.

I often play solo (without a mic), and I too can have losing streaks, but also winning streaks…

It’s just part of the random aspect unfortunately…
Sometimes you will be paired with people whom are on board doing as they should (doing the objective, wanting/trying to win)…
Sometimes you are paired with people who are not on board doing as they should (not doing the objective, killing each other, maybe trying to complete lore, surrendering…)

Sometimes that happens to the VS team, and you come away with the win, and they get the loss…
Gonna win some, gonna lose some…

I know if I’m on a losing streak, and it’s getting to me, I step away from matches for a moment…
I go play some storymode, so I can feel like I completed/accomplished something and reassure myself that I can work as a team with random people and be successful (play normal, advanced may alter this outcome)…

Hope things turn around for you shortly, and that you get some wins under your belt!

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I have three pieces of advice.

1.) Play Capture.

2.) See if you can round out your team comp while selecting heroes.

3.) Git gud. Dont listen to people that say that you can’t carry. This isn’t HotS. Unless the enemy team is comprised cheiftly of Koreans, you can carry.

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Rounding out your team comp will significantly help win rate. I always choose last so I can round out the team which is largely why I’m doing well in solo queue.

No you can’t carry. Any decent team will grind another team into dust if it consists of just 1 decent player and 4 zombies

Ah you must be one of the other guys on my teams. Losing builds character wouldn’t you agree.