I lost ability to host games after experiencing a glitch on digistruct peak that yielded tons of OP8 legendarys (BADASS RANKS was resettet too)

I seem to have lost the ability to host online games in borderlands 2 two days ago, right after experiencing a strange glitch in Digistruct Peak DLC.

I am not the type of an online game player. If digistruct peak would be able to beat in single player mode i would not have gone online. I did this, because i wanted to get OVERPOWER LEVELS. Last Weekend there was an XBOX LIVE GOLD for free Weekend. I managed to get 4 overpower levels in the night, on 2 different characters on different profiles on the same console.

Then the following problem/glitch happened:

I was playing as HOST on OP level 3 with a group of powerful players. One of them suddenly left the game after beeing playing well. Another player entered the match, of course he was struck at the start position. Then i died in the fight and returned to the start position of digistruct peak.

There i saw a strange sight, the place infront of tannis looked like some big monster had been killed there because so many weapons laying ouround there. All of them have been OP8, mostly legendary stuff. Sorted by type of weapon (a bunch of pistols, snipers, smgs and so on). Of course i took what i needed still not knowing what is going on. The other chacacters beated the game so i got the ability to use overpower level 4. Some of them left the game after a while, after picking up some nice stuff too. I loaded a character from a second profile to collect some more nice stuff that i planned to use after reaching OP8.

I must say, i hosted the game on my own xbox 360 and i am playing on an undmodified standard system and i am using unmodiefied game saves!


Since this happened, i am not able to sucessfully host online games anymore, not of any of the two accounts on my console. I can start the game, i can switch to Online Mode open for everyone, but almost no players are joining my game, even after a long period of waiting.

I can well play online in games hosted by other people but this i have no way of controlling what they are doing and i only want to do the following things: Beat Digistruct Peak on OP4, Beat Digistruct Peak on OP5, Beat Digistruct Peak on OP6, Beat Digistruct Peak on OP7. That is all i want to do.

But it seems that for some unclear reason i stay alone when hosting a game. I still can join others playing online! But that is not what i want. I am not going online to hang out doing silly things, i am just doing it to get OP8.

What i have done to resolve this issues:

  1. I cleared xbox cache.
  2. I deleted the compatibility patch and reloaded it, a few times.
  3. I deleted the game update and let the game reload it.
  4. I deleted digistruct peak download and reload it.

What i have done regarding my network

  1. I did not make any changes to network setup as problems started, i was the only one beeing awake.
  2. later i have reset router and switch
  3. later i tested the connection twice on the dashboard of XBOX360 (Latency is 199/ Upload 0.93 mbit/s/DL 12.33 mbit/s)

All this have not changed the issue of noone entering my game again, with one exception. One time another player enterd my match, we started playing and he dissappeared short after in the first arena of digistruct peak. so i was alone and got killed soon later. returning to Tannis there was one single OP8 Pistol laying around at the place before her.

I think this was what the other player has used before. In the first incident where this glitch appeared i have played quite a long way through the mission. So maybe there have been so many things because the people used so many things before i died. As far as i can remember no more stuff appeared while i was there. Other players dropped some stuff and picked up other too, so this items seem to have been visible for everyone.

so my question: what else can i do ro testore ability to host games? When i join games of other hosts, there are a lot of people coming and going. I even just got up to OP5 by accidentially joining a game where others played op4 digistruct peak.

Some other things i have to say: NO, i have no idea how this happened and i dont know how anyone can reproduce it. For me it is a problem that keeps me from rising fast in OP levels. It is a very hard thing to have to wait until you by accident join a group of digistruct people playing on equal level and beeing OP4 on one char and op5 on the other op8 weapons are abolute useless for me :confused:

EDIT: On the profile/character i experienced this glitch and issues, the badass ranks have been resettet so i had to choose what i want again) So the points were still there, but unused.