I lost all my golden keys

Yesterday on may-1st-2019 I had 71 golden keys at sanctuary I was playing the story made it to lvl 18 and made sanctuary float I decided to go spend some keys but it said I only had one and as well as taking all my keys it also rest my badass rank from 5013 to 13. I would like to see what we can do to fix this I play xbox one.

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Sounds like the game’s profile file got hosed or overwritten somehow - did you have a crash or power glitch at any time before you noticed the change? Had you been playing in off-line (no network connection) mode?

Depending on exactly what happened when, there is a possibility that deleting the local save data for the game to force a cloud sync restore might get you the file back, but you may lose some progress along the way.

I would also recommend doing a full power reset to clear cached data (since support will almost certainly ask you to do that.)

If neither of those do the trick, you will need to file a support ticket for the lost keys and rank. You might want to check that you didn’t lose anything from the stash or any heads and skins before you do that, since these are stored in the same file as the BAR stats and keys.

No I was playing online the whole time with my friend. But I did do as you reccomend and I still do not have the keys I went ahead and did the support ticket thank you on the quick response

The time I lost my keys and rank was also an on-line session that hung somehow when I was quitting out of it. Hopefully the support desk can help out.

I wasnt saying it was a Microsoft issue from my understanding it’s happened on all consoles and is just a issue I’m reporting in Hope’s of a fix

Damn I’m looking further and I have lost some skins and heads

Okay, this is a really long shot for a lot of players, but did you ever play these games on Xbox 360 first, before moving to the Xbox One editions? And if so, do you still own a 360 console and 360 copies of the games? Could you maybe fire it up there and get into an earlier save when at least some of that stuff was present? :thinking:

If so, you might be able to upload that save to the Cloud Saves service, and then pull it down to your Xbox One & restore some of the items. :man_shrugging:

I realize fully that doing so might cause you to lose some progression that you’d have to replay. And that’s if you even have the ability at all. Just a thought that might help if it’s possible.

This was a great suggestion i actually already did this it gave me my badass rank back but unfortunately no keys I got the keys for stuff I did on xbox 1

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Yeah, the keys don’t transfer, but you should get all the heads and skins and a bunch of rank back that way.

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