I lost all my progress does anyone know of a solution

by mistake, i opened my account on my other computer and it cloud synched so my progress on boarderland 3 got replaced with the old sync, i want to know if i can restore the cloud sync i had before, i went from lvl 38 to 24, does anyone know a solution

Open Epic Launcher.
Turn off internet connection on your first PC.
Open game. Do some stuff for 5-10 minutes.
Leave the game. Close Your epic launcher.
Turn on internet connection.
Start the game.
Epic will ask about game save. Choose upload to cloud.

thanks for the help , i tried your solution but it didnt work unfortunately

Sorry to hear that. Best solution then would be contact 2k support.

i contacted them and they said that they cant help as the data is saved on Epic server and not theirs , and i contacted epic about 8 hours ago and yet they have to reply with an answer

and i contacted gearbox themselves and they also haven’t replayed yet

I Hope it will be resolved for You!

thank you , you are very kind :slightly_smiling_face:
hopefully either Epic or gearbox can help solve it