I lost all my skins and heads

i haven´t play in long time , the last time everything worked and i only downloaded the latest update when i started the game.

Anyone having the same problem? (xD sorry for my bad english)

Sorry you got bit by that bug. If you file a support ticket, the support staff may be able to help you recover them. Did you also lose all your BAR points?


bar= badass rank? they reset all and tks for the link

BAR = Códigos de cabronazo.

Me ha pasado también y lo único que queda es pedir ayuda al soporte de 2K. Pasa en todas las plataformas, PS3, 360 y PC. A mí me pasó en PC.

(sorry for the spanish mods, trying to help someone)

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Completely understandable mate. Feel free to do so whenever necessary X, if you’re worried, you can always add an English translation.


You are a badass, Giu. Thanks :smile:

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