I lost all my volt loot, guardian rank, character skins and headgear on borderlands 3

So me and my mate where grinding out for some loot, whilst joining his game my xbox turned off by its self for some unknown reason, when I went back on I discovered that I had lost all that loot I was grinding for with my 80 odd guardian rank and all my colour skins and head skins. Is there anyway I could get this back? Or will I have to grind for all these items back

Depending on how long it’s been since this happened: you could try deleting your local save data for BL3 (via Manage in Games & Apps) then restart the game to force a fresh sync of your cloud save data.

Apart from that, there’s not much can be done about the save file unfortunately. You can file a support ticket for assistance with keys etc., but they won’t be able to restore everything for you.

I’m not qualified to provide technical support for this game, but I do know that your local saved game is backed up to the Xbox cloud. So if your local save was somehow deleted, once you restart the game, it should synchronize your game with the cloud back up. If that’s not working, or your local save is corrupted, you could manually delete the local save and then allow the game to pull down the backup from the cloud.

If that doesn’t work, then you’ll need to contact 2K support for further assistance. But fair warning, they don’t do item restoration, as I discovered when I had a rare shield go POOF during a failed trade.

It did not work but no worries I’m happy to keep playing and work for it all back thanks for the help tho.happy hunting vault hunter!