I lost my BAR after recent hotfix 1/25/2016 - Update: I fixed it myself

I am expressing my concern here. I hope this is the correct place to post this. After the most recent hoftix I noticed my BAR had disappeared. I normally play with my BAR off so I didn’t notice it right away. But I like to scroll to my BAR to force my game to save if I am far in the map and not near a save station and don’t plan to save/quite the game. I will scroll over to my BAR menu and enable/disable to force the game to save upon exiting the menu.

When I was farming Old Slappy last night I noticed my BAR was at 0(zero). with most of the BAR missions completed in the list, but still displays 0 for my BAR score. all the percentages have disappeared as well. I was up in the 40% range for all buffs. I was close to a million BAR points. I think was at 927K and change. I have vids posted in here that actually show that BAR amount. it’s gone?! What happened? Can anyone explain why this has happened? I didn’t do anything but load my game after hearing about the recent hotfix release.

If nothing can be done, I’m cool with that. LIke I said, I didn’t really play with the BAR on anyways. With the amount of time I have put into BL2 on 360 and now on the Xbone, it’s a little deflating that this can happen. Even if it can be fixed, what stopping it from happening again? I guess I’m just venting. I love the Borderlands universe and every release to date. It’s the only game I play. With all if it’s bugs, and glitches, it is still by far the best franchise I have come across.

I think i may be able to get them back on my own. I haven’t tried transferring a character save from my 360 to the xbone since discovering the BAR loss. that should carry over my BAR.

This is a struggle for me. I almost want to roll with how it is. Cause it looks odd. It’s like I never played the game, yet I’m OP8 and have several characters. My BAR was not modded or gibbed. I never use 3rd party software, mostly cause I’m afraid of corrupting my game saves. But more for the fact that I prefer the legitimacy of what I’ve accomplished. I have a story now when I post a vid that shows Zero BAR. LOL it’s kinda funny. contradicting in a way. How can you be at op8 with no BAR rankings to show for it? I don’t know? LOL

I also just realized that I lost all my skins/heads as well as the gear I had stored in my locker which was to be transferred to other characters I have. I have since moved to TPS as this has really made me salty for lack of a better word. I spent years farming the boatmurderer head from Terra. This hurts… :confounded:

Not sure if anything can be done. My GT: Kurtdawg13 on xbox one.

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