I lost my keys and guns in my mail

This is my first post, so I’m sorry if I mess something up. I have been a mail hoarder since I first got borderlands because I always thought “Hmm what if a lower level character needed this.” I have no idea how much mail I had, but I tried to grab a key from my mail a few days ago and I only had 25 gifts, all from manufacturers and from tipping moxxi. I accepted all of the items, but I didn’t have any more gifts roll in after them. I quit the game and got back in, but I didn’t have any mail still. I then put in a code for 3 golden keys into shift, hoping i would at least have some keys. I didn’t see the keys in my mail. I also redeemed my points for the VIP heads and zayne’s conventional repping skin, and those didn’t show up in my mail or quick change station. Is there anything i could do to get my mail back or at least my keys and VIP items?

Mail does expire eventually, I think it’s around 28 days for company and vendor items and 7 days for stuff traded with others.

VIP is ending / ended so I doubt you will see anything from there.

It’s weird, though. I lost my keys too. And my VIP stuff, I redeemed a few days ago and they didn’t show up. Thank you for the reply.

The event has recently ended, it’s possible you were able to redeem but missed the window.

Stuff still gets notified in the key codes thread on here and more keys will be given out during the Borderlands Show on Thursday.

Any code given will also be posted on the forum so you will be able to get some keys there at least. :slight_smile:

make sure you are connected to shift on your console.