I lost my logans gun and sham

The other day i lost my logans gun and sham. i dropped them, and they went out of my inventory but were not on the floor. the two weapons took a total of 5 hours to get. Im really annoyed i wasted 5 hours. if anyone can help im HappyMeal75 on the 360

also i did not drop them by a cliff

The only thing I can offer is advice… If you can… Make a copy of your “save” file and do it religiously. I haven’t lost anything yet but our group has about 10 players (PC mind you) and all of us have had issues with inventory loss.

If you are OP8 I can hook you up with a Sham (trade not necessary I have a few) and I have a few different lvls of Logan’s Guns. Send me a message on xbox with the lvl you are looking for and if I can I’d be happy to give them to you. GT: fishstix1113

I just know realised this post was from April facepalm. Offer still stands if you need them still though lol.

I need a Logan’s gun XD