I love Battleborn! Toby and Benedict are AWESOME!

Here’s my thoughts on the game so far. Battleborn is AWESOME! Toby and Benedict are my favorite characters!!! I honestly was skeptical of the game at first when I heard about it and I actually laughed and scorned at it. I thought that maybe it would fail just like Wildstar because of the goofy atmopshere. I personally don’t like goofy and overly humurous stuff, which is why I was skeptical. I had my eyes on Overwatch for a while and when Battleborn beta popped on the PS4 store, I thought I’d just give it a kick and boy, was I wrong. Battleborn is extremely FUN and ADDICTIVE! I haven’t played the story yet and afraid to because maybe I think it might be dumb but the multiplayer part didn’t show anything like that. Cute, colorful, and crazy is awesome with me, but not overly silly. Another example is a free game called Loadout for the PS4, so dumb. But that’s just me. I don’t think Battleborn would end up a failure like Wildstar or Loadout, but maybe they should tone down on the goofiness to attract more people in and make better advertisements and trailers. That’s just my 2 cents on the goofy part. Otherwise, Battleborn is what I will be buying on launch day instead of Overwatch! I hope there’s more contents for Toby and Benedict or more bird characters in the future. Keep up the great work, guys!!!

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All will bow before Toby, I mean if you want. I’m sorry don’t feel like I’m pressuring you ok?

On a less silly note, glad you love the game and will be getting it. The more people that love Toby the better!